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Five Out Offense: Cuban and the Team USA Basketball debate

Cuban weighs in on international play, plus free agency opinions and musings on Monta Ellis.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

1. CUBAN ON INTERNATIONAL PLAY. In the wake of Paul George's horrific injury in the Team USA Scrimmage last week, Mark Cuban had renewed his thoughts on NBA players participating in international play. ESPN's Marc Stein talked to Cuban about his perspective on the current FIBA rules governing when and how players can decline to accept their country's invitation. Spoiler alert: he isn't really a fan. Our own Jonathan Tjarks has a different perspective.

2. WHERE MIGHT MONTA LAND?: With a bounceback season, Monta Ellis became something of a fan favorite last season, and that might even be an understatement. But with the acquisition of Chandler Parsons, Jonathan Tjarks takes a critical look at whether Monta is (or should be) in the Mavs' long term plans.

3. FANS AND FREE AGENCY. Only tangentially Mavs related, but over at New York Magazine, Will Leitch has a fantastic piece on how, in some ways, free agency is the bigger attraction for fans than the games themselves.

4. A LOOK BACK AND FORWARD AT VINCE CARTER. Over at Hardwood Paroxysm, our own Kirk Henderson looks back at Vince Carter's time in Dallas, and forward to how he might fit with his new team, the Memphis Grizzlies.

5. DID YOU MISS ANYTHING DURING CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK?: We hope not, but in case you did, all the posts from last week's look back at that glorious run are right here for you to catch yourself up on. Give yourself a couple of hours (and maybe some tissues) -- you'll need them both.

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