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Five Out Offense: Does a Kevin Love trade affect the Mavericks, and more Shawn Marion rumors

Also: Shawn Marion rumors, and you do you, Ron Artest.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

1. GIVE YOUR LOVE TO CLEVELAND: Apparently, the Cleveland-Minnesota trade is agreed upon, and the two teams will swap Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett. Does this have any Dallas Mavericks implications?

  • For the playoff race, not really. Minnesota wasn't making it with or without Kevin Love.
  • For playing the Timberwolves, yes. The two teams actually played four times and Minnesota had Dallas figured out. They beat them three times, and the fourth time was the controversial no-call on Kevin Love in the corner. "NO ED MALLOY."
  • For Dirk making the All-Star team, yes. I don't think Dirk has any interest in attending another All-Star weekend, so hopefully if he gets another selection he gracefully bows out with an "injury" and no one would be offended. But Kevin Love going East is one less forward who would make it over him.

2. THE MATRIX COMING DOWN TO CLEVELAND TOWN: Apparently, Marion at the minimum to Cleveland is still likely to happen -- in fact, more likely than when I mentioned it a couple days ago.

3. HALL OF FAMER?: While we're on the topic, the always-great Starters tackled the question of whether Shawn Marion is the Hall of Famer. It's worth your time.

4. CHANDLER PARSONS YO: Apparently, the NBA has a magazine. I did not know this. However, I now know that Holly MacKenzie wrote a Chandler Parsons story for it. It's on page 73.

5. PANDA MANIA: Ron Artest --> Metta World Peace --> Panda Friend.

Sure, Ron. Sure.