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Five Out Offense: Wright's numbers, missing Vince and Durant's bow out

The withdraw of Kevin Durant from Team USA left everyone surprised. How will the roster pan out and what does it mean for Chandler Parsons?

Scott Halleran

1. Brandan Wright is good. We've been telling you that Brandan Wright is good for some time. Our own Hal Brown simply gushes about him at the drop of a hat. It seems like others are finally starting to get wise to what we already knew. numberFire has this look at Wright's astounding numbers.

2. Tim spills the beans. Grizzly Bear Blues, the Memphis Grizzlies blog, recently asked our own Tim Cato about the Mavs' offseason additions and Vince Carter. WE MISS YOU, VINCE!

3. Et tu, KD? Kevin Durant announced that he will not be participating in the FIBA World Cup. Over a year ago Durant and Kevin Love committed to Team USA for the World Cup. Each played on the 2010 team that took the top spot in Turkey. Now, Team USA is sans Kevins. But why, KD? Royce Young sheds some light on his decision.

4. How will Team USA cope? Once Jerry Colangelo comes out of the bathroom, his eyes red and swollen, he will see that the group he assembled is still pretty darn good. Like, they are seriously still loaded. Marc Stein explains how the roster could shake out.

5. So, what does this mean for Chandler Parsons? The roster isn't finalized but it looks like he's a lock to make the team at this point. *Shameless Plug Alert* Be sure to follow all of our Parsons and Team USA coverage here.

Happy Friday, everyone!