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Five Out: More on the Rajon Rondo trade rumors, celebrating Dirk's hair

Talking about why Rajon Rondo won't be a Maverick.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

1. RONDO: This weekend, a rumor circulated that Rajon Rondo had requested a trade from Boston. Rondo says no such thing has happened, but he may just be covering his ass -- it's impossible to really know at this point.

2. CAN THE MAVS TRADE FOR HIM?: No, I don't see any chance of that. Brandan Wright is a massively productive player, but he's not a centerpiece for a star in his prime, even an injury-prone one like Rondo. Talent wise, you could say Monta Ellis is comparable -- but even if Dallas would do that deal, why would the Celtics take back a player who turns 29 this month and is a difficult piece to build around.

Rondo fits in Dallas, sure, but he's not a perfect fit. His perimeter defense would be a huge plus, but next to Ellis, his subpar shooting would show more and more. Then you remember Rondo has missed 96 games in the past two seasons and hasn't played 70 games in the past four, and you remember he's in the final year of his contract and will likely want a lot of money next season.

Rondo won't be a Maverick, probably because the Celtics aren't going to trade him. But even if they consider it, there are many more reasons that Dallas will stay away.

3. DIRK HAS HAIR: Writer, photoshopper and general funnyman Jason Gallagher adds a new occupation to his title, historian, as he takes a look back at Dirk's hair throughout the years.

4. JET ON THE ROX: I don't like it. Not one bit.

5. CHAMP WEEK: Remember that one time we wrote stories about the 2011 Championship? Yeah, that was pretty cool.