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Chandler Parsons rides a camel, Mavericks move up in ESPN's future rankings

Today's five out, with news and links from around the internet about our Dallas Mavericks.

Tom Pennington

1. MAVS BACK IN TOP 10 IN FUTURE POWER RANKINGS. If you don't have ESPN Insider, you can't see the story, but Dallas is ranked 8th over all. Future Power Rankings are ESPN's look at the next three years of a team's future. Given that Dirk's signed for three more years, Chandler Parsons just signed for three years, and that Dallas has a great owner, this ranking makes sense. The teams ahead of Dallas (San Antonio, Cleveland) all make sense, but this is the first time the Mavs have been in the top 10 in these rankings in a while.

2. RANKING THE ACTUAL FLOOR OF VARIOUS BASKETBALL ARENAS. Zach Lowe at Grantland took the time to rank each floor of various NBA teams. The Dallas one ranks 23rd, which isn't really shocking. Nothing particularly interesting going on with that part of the American Airlines Center.

3. SPEAKING OF AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER. This is minor news, but the retail stores in AAC that sell Mavs and Stars gear are getting a total re-haul of branding and will be known as "The Hangar." For those in DFW, the new store in Victory Plaza will be open seven days a week.

4. BEST GAME LIVE. Yesterday, we went NUTS posting the best games we've been to live. Doyle remembers the first time he saw the Mavs at a scrimmage at UNT in 2006. Austin went to Game 1 of the 2006 Finals... we all like to forget this series but it was an amazing game. Rebecca remembers game three this past playoffs vs. San Antonio, you remember, the time Vince Carter saved us all? Doyle actually had two games for us, his second one being the Josh Howard Celeb All Star Game during the lock out. You can check them all out, plus share your own memories, in this handy stream.


If there is a context there, someone clue me in, as I am LOST. But still, this is an amazing photo.