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Five Out Offense: The Rangers bring in Chandler Parsons (for the first pitch)

Plus Cuban on international play (yes, again!), Ricky Ledo and Shane Larkin are still adorable, and more.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1. MORE CUBAN AND INTERNATIONAL PLAY: Pro Basketball Talk has a little tidbit about Cuban's conversations with Parsons and playing on Team USA, speculating that there's a possibility Cuban violated NBA-FIBA rules in his and Parsons' conversations. Seems (in my opinion) like creating a story out of nothing -- Cuban's views on international play are certainly well known -- though I suppose it's a story worth watching.

2. SPEAKIING OF PARSONS: In case, like I have, you stopped watching the misery that is this Texas Rangers season, you may have missed Parsons throwing out the first pitch last night. We gotcha covered here though:

3. LIVING ON THE EDGE IN THE PAINT: From a few days ago, friend of the site Bobby Karalla has a nice piece over at the mothership on the Mavs' impact last season scoring in the paint, and what we can potentially expect with the addition of Parsons this season.

4. IT'S OFFICIAL: Shawn Marion's signing in Cleveland was made official on Tuesday, with a few quotes from the Cavs brass and from Marion himself, and a few thoughts on his role there. Still hate to see him with another team but he's someone I'll continue to root for.

5. RICKY LEDO HAD A BIRTHDAY: It was yesterday, and his best locker room bud last season, Shane Larkin, didn't forget. (Click through for the caption!):