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Help has been found; introducing the new Mavs Moneyball staff writers


I don't know who this is, but he is NOT a new Mavs Moneyball staff writer. Well, I don't think he is.
I don't know who this is, but he is NOT a new Mavs Moneyball staff writer. Well, I don't think he is.
Thomas Starke

About four weeks ago, I published a post that started with the words "help wanted." Although I just recently hit my one-year anniversary as site manager, this was a new experience for me, and I had no clue. I hoped to get a couple solid candidates. I remember hoping at least 15 people would apply.

Fifteen people did apply, and then 81 more. Yes, we had 96 total applicants, and that absolutely blew my mind.

Narrowing it down was probably the toughest thing I've had to do so far as the big boss on this site, and as you might have noticed, it took some time as I juggled it with school and the other. Fortunately, I'm happy to announce that out of the finalists who wrote trial posts for the site a couple of weeks ago, we narrowed it down to four people who we're really excited to announce as staff writers for this season.

To everyone who applied: thank you so much for taking the time to do so. I'm all but positive I replied to every one of you, and if I missed someone somehow, it was an honest error. And for all of our readers, whether you applied or not, thanks for your continued support this season and I hope you're ready for some even more kickass Mavericks coverage.

I had our new folks write up quick bios so you can have a sneak peak at what's coming this season.

Kate Crawford, @crawfordkate:

Kate Crawford is new to Mavs Moneyball as of 2014. She's a native of deep East Texas and currently lives in the District of Columbia with her husband, a sad-sack Knicks fan whose Tyson Chandler jersey has already been reclaimed in the name of the great state of Texas. Kate never quite made it to the NBA, but did throw some sharp elbows as a forward on her JV team before transitioning to a much more appropriate role as the team's stats keeper.

Austin Ngaruiya, @garooya:

Austin has been a Mavs connoisseur since The Calvin Booth Game. He enjoys pick and roll basketball. Dirk Nowitzki's footwork makes Austin feel warm and fuzzy inside. Most importantly: Austin have it all.

Jamie Plunkett, @TheDSportsRant:

Jamie was born and raised a Dallas Mavericks fan, and his first memories of the Mavs are the 11 and 13 win seasons. That didn't deter his 7-years-old self, and his loyalty provided one of the three sports cries of his life in 2011 (with the other two being the Rangers winning the 2010 Pennant by striking out A-Rod, and TCU winning the 2011 Rose Bowl). Dirk is one of his Top 3 favorite athletes of all time, alongside Pudge Rodriguez and Emmitt Smith. He currently lives in Dallas, and doesn't plan on leaving any time soon. He's excited to write and talk about the Mavs with the fine folks at Mavs Moneyball.

Mr.tapeguy, @AustinMFFL:

(Presumably) the only member of the Mavs Moneyball team who actually attended games during the Mavs' inaugural season, I had Dallas Cowboys season tickets back when they were still America's team. Now older but no wiser, I never left Austin after graduating from UT but continues to be a loyal MFFL despite being surrounded by Spurs fanboys. A veteran of Bleacher Report (sorry!), The Smoking Cuban and, I've written at least a dozen articles and would write even more if I didn't have to make a living. You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook @AustinMFFL.

Look for these guys to contribute game coverage and articles throughout the season. We may also have some more names start popping up any time now in smaller roles (hint: check the masthead!).

Right on queue, we have a pretty fun series of posts that will start tomorrow, and you should get excited for that. STAY TUNED.