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Weekend poll: Which Mavericks rival do you love to hate the most?

There are a few teams that Mavs fans always seem to get amped up to face. Who is your favorite rival?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I don't really like to use the word "hate," but sports hate is a notable exception.

Last week, NBC DFW ranked the Mavericks' rivals from worst to first. No surprises at the top spots, really, but considering recent history, we were wondering: which Mavericks rival does our community love to hate the most?

Obviously the Spurs are a team we all get amped up for, and certainly the seven game playoff series solidified that rivalry for some time to come. The Lakers are always a fun team to root against (though I found myself calling them "cute" more often than not last season....get well soon, Kobe, I guess). And obviously there's no love lost for the Heat around here.

The Rockets and Mavericks played a number of fun games last season, and with the Chandler Parsons-Jason Terry team switching (*sobs loudly that I have to root against JET this season*) that rivalry may be even more intense. The Thunder are always a team the Mavs seem to get up for as well.

Vote in the poll below then head to the comments to stir up some trouble: which Mavericks rival do YOU love to hate the most?