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Mavs new alternate jerseys left out Reunion Tower which made Reunion Tower sad

Reunion Tower reacts to being left out of the skyline on the jersey Mark Cuban showed off on Tuesday.

Rebecca Lawson

Yesterday, the Dallas Mavericks unveiled a fan-sourced design for an alternate jersey. We ran some pretty extensive coverage of the unveiling including the designan interview with Geoff Case, the man behind the design, and ran a poll to get your thoughts on the new jersey. Yeah, we #DoWork here at MMB.

Reaction to the new jersey was mixed. Many of those who were detractors, including myself, pointed to the jersey that Mark Cuban proudly held on display during the presentation. That particular jersey seemed rushed and sloppily executed. Beyond that, it also left out one of the signature silhouettes of Dallas' skyline: Reunion Tower.

Instead, what took its place was a building that looks similar to the silhouette of Museum Tower, which is located on the other side of downtown.

Needless to say, this omission did not go unnoticed and feelings were hurt. Namely, the feelings of The Ball itself.

I imagine The Ball was all excited during the press conference only to feel betrayed and alone soon after the big reveal. The Ball's night must have looked a lot like this.

Luckily, it looks like Reunion Tower will take a prominent place in the skyline of the jersey after all.

Phew! I hope that clears up everyone's concerns with the jersey. Its design flaws had us all worried. Now we and The Ball can rest easier.