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Five Out: Making the grade, Mark Cuban talks some more

A look around the internet at all things Mavericks.

Tom Pennington

1.) THE MAVERICKS MAKE THE HONOR ROLL: Matt Moore of CBS Sports (aka @HPBasketball on Twitter) grades out the Dallas Mavericks. He walks us through the history from Dallas making the playoffs to ending up with Chandler Parsons and Aminu and then gives his final assessment, which I won't ruin for you here. One interesting point he makes is that prior to free agency there was a great deal of talk about standing pat and building upon the framework of last year's team. That did not happen and now the Mavericks go from potential playoff team to fringe contender in the eyes of many experts.

2.) ICYMI, THE FINNISH LINE IS IN SIGHT: A long, long time ago, Petteri Koponen was drafted by the Portland Trailblazers (2007 to be exact). Over the years, his rights have bounced from team to team to team, and are now owned by the Mavericks. NBA fans likely got their first exposure to Koponen during the USA win over Finland this weekend in the FIBA World Cup. Koponen now says he would like to come to the NBA soon and would like to play for Dallas. It's too early to talk about whether or not this is a thing, but if he wants to be in the NBA he goes from being a potential asset to a real one immediately.

3.) TALKING TO HANGTIME: Mark Cuban spent some time talking to Jeff Caplan at's Hangtime blog. Cuban is excited for the season but is trying to temper his own expectations after Dallas did so well this summer.

4.) WHAT THE...: Does everyone remember Dario Saric? He was drafted by the Sixers this year but before pulling out of last year's draft, he was considered a player the Mavericks might have looked into. He's played pretty well at the FIBA World Cup in Spain, but this story highlights what a chaotic life Saric has had the past year. I can't even explain this story to you, other than to say read it.

5.) GET SOCIAL: One of the things we pride ourselves on is that this is a fan run site. Do we take things to seriously sometimes? Sure, but this is a community and we listen to your feedback. No matter how you come here, via google, typing the site into a search bar, or through social media, we are glad you are here. We want you to tell your friends. We want this to be the place to be for fun-loving Mavs fans. You don't have enough Mavs Moneyball in your life though.

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