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Five Out Offense: Cuban as the NBA's "modern owner"

Plus: an early call for fanposts, Sarge James is back, and more.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

1. SHARE YOUR MEMORIES!: On Tuesday, September 9, Mavs Moneyball will be participating in another SB Nation NBA-wide Theme Day. The topic? "The Best Game I Ever Attended As a Fan." We'll have some posts from our staff going up, but if you'd like to share your Best Game memories in the FanPosts, we may promote you to the front page on the 9th! So, get your thinking caps on and get to writing.

2. SILVER ON CUBAN: In an interview on Bloomberg TV, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver praised Mark Cuban as the "modern owner." SportsDayDFW has the interview summary and video of the interview here. Seems like the commish and the Mavs' owner will get along quite nicely? The interview is great and worth a read.

3. GUESS WHO'S BACK?: I mean, Slim Shady, obviously, but also Bernard James. In case you missed it a couple days ago, per Mavs PR Sarge will be back with the Mavs, doing, well, probably not much more than he's done the past 2 seasons. Hey, for that paycheck though, I wouldn't complain. Looks like Sarge knows it, too (click through for his caption!):

4. THE BLEDSOE SAGA CONTINUES: Not really Mavs-related, as we've said here a few times that it would be highly unlikely the Mavs make a dramatic move to acquire the point guard, but Marc Stein has a great update/writeup about Bledsoe and the Suns' game of chess over at ESPN. Hey, anything could happen, right?

5. DID YOU MISS IT?: Late Wednesday evening, Chandler Parsons answered some questions in an impromptu Twitter Q&A. I captured some highlights (including cameos by Christina Perri and Patrick Beverley!) for your convenience here.