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Weekend poll: Who will lead the Mavericks in assists?

Looking towards the season, do you think Monta's crown will be stolen?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We all know Rick Carlisle's tendency to tinker with lineups. That tinkering reached a fever pitch in the 2012-13 season but seemed to mostly even out this past season with a starting lineup more often than not of Calderon/Monta/Dirk/Dalembert/Marion.

Who will lead the team in assists THIS season is an interesting question. Monta Ellis led the team last year with 471 (12th overall in the league) -- Calderon, as the starting point guard, was second with 377 (28th in the league). After that it gets a little wild, because third was Dirk(!), then Vince Carter, then Devin Harris.

As Carlisle often says, it's not really about who starts but the role they play. And we did see an unselfish Monta Ellis as the primary ball-handler more often than not last season, even after Devin Harris' return.

But, with a new season comes new players and new roles. Whether it's a Devin Harris who is ready to go at the beginning of the season this time, or Jameer Nelson (11th overall last season) or even Raymond Felton (29th overall) who starts, I'd guess we still see Monta in that primary ball-handler role a bit. New Maverick Chandler Parsons (48th overall) will be looking for a larger role as well.

Tell us Moneyballers: who do you think will lead the Mavs in assists this season? Vote in the poll below and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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