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Five Out Offense: Mavs interested in Charlie Villanueva

The Mavericks could be adding Villanueva and Wright could see a larger role in the coming season. In other news, A few Mavs attend the Cowboys game and Deron Williams doesn't feel like a New Yorker.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Spo

1. Charlie V?: Reports have surfaced that Charlie Villanueva is nearing a decision to sign for the minimum with either the Mavericks or the Clippers. Dallas already has 15 players with guaranteed contracts. Ivan Johnson and Eric Griffin have partial guarantees from the team and will be attending training camp. If Villanueva were to be added to the roster, someone would have to be cut. The Mavericks don't have a stretch four on the roster behind Dirk Nowitzki. Villanueva, at least a number of years ago, fits that role. However, he really hasn't proven his value in recent years. I wonder what Kevin Garnett would say about this.

2. Larger role for Wright?: Brandan Wright has proven his value to the Mavericks time and again. As the primary backup center behind Tyson Chandler, Wright, according to some, could see an increased roll on the team. Over at Hoops Habit they sure think so. They break down Wrights production based on minutes played. When he plays over 25 minutes, his number are stellar. With Chandler's history of injuries, Wright just may see a minutes increase this season. How Rick Carlisle plays Wright and Greg Smith is anyone's guess at this point.

3. Mavs at Jerry World: You may have watched the disaster that was the Dallas Cowboys' game yesterday. Hopefully, you were at home grieving in your own way. Chandler Parsons, Jae Crowder, and Bernard James attended the game but I'm not sure if they are big 'Boys fans like LeBron James. Needless to say, sitting in a box can be a nice distraction from the terrible play on the field. Check out their Instagrams of the game here, here, and here.

4. What if?: Deron Williams doesn't feel like a New Yorker. At least that's what he said in a recent interview. Kind of makes you wonder why he chose to resign with the Nets a few years ago rather than relocating closer to home when the Mavericks were courting him. I guess we'll never know.

5. Atlanta burning: Sherman isn't marching to the sea but the situation surrounding the Hawks couldn't get much worse. Bruce Levenson, who holds a controlling interest in the team, is looking to sell his shares after a two-year-old e-mail surfaced in which he made disparaging remarks about the demographics of those attending Hawks game. General Manager Danny Ferry is also in hot water about remarks he made about Luol Deng's ethnicity. You can keep apprised with the latest news from our sister site Peach Tree Hoops here.

Aside from Cuban's comments about race earlier this summer, it's nice to know that the Mavericks are not embroiled in anything this serious.