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Monta Ellis might be the most clutch player in the NBA this season

Ellis leads the pack by a lot in the final minute of close games.

On Tuesday, Monta Ellis missed a shot at the fourth quarter buzzer of a tied game. It stood out specifically because Ellis has been so good down the stretch of good games.

His only true 'game winner' is this insane running jumper against Milwaukee, but plenty more clutch moments from this half-finished season stand out -- including several in the double-overtime thriller against the Bulls. He's just been deadly when games tightens up and the Mavericks need someone to step up.

This graph defines crunch time as the final minute of a four-point game, one way or the other. Ellis' full line is 10-of-18 shooting, 1-of-2 3-point shooting, 20-of-23 on free throws, 41 points and a +22. He's got more shots and more chances than the others on this list, of course, but he's still no. 1 on this list by a wide margin. It is true what they say: Monta have it all.

Monta clutch