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Quoteboard for Mavericks 97, Nuggets 89: "This is what I've come to expect from Dirk"

Dallas grabbed a win on the tail end of their home-and-home with Denver.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Dirk's shot rounds into form

Tyson Chandler: "This is what I've come to expect from Dirk. You know, he's always coasts along, for him coasting is always heads and shoulders above an average player. Later on in the season, he really gets his roll, especially when Holger's back in town."

Rick Carlisle: "I don't notice when he's not in normal form. I don't necessarily look at whether every shot is going in. I'm looking at the bounce in his step, the quality of the looks and stuff like that. If you're looking for a slump story, I'm not going to feed it tonight."

Dirk Nowitzki: "I dunno, I've missed a bunch of shots from 16-17 feet. Just easy turnarounds I got to make. I guess if I try to see the positive I made a couple of 3s, didn't miss a free throw. The in between game was garbage."

Chandler Parsons: "Yeah, he looked good. He still was a little gassed out there but he can still score the ball, he's still shooting the ball well. You know, obviously not playing and resting [on Wednesday] and just getting some cardio was beneficial for him."

Parsons posterizes Hickson

Parsons: "No, not at all. They were switching a lot of pick and rolls so I had Lawson on me, so I was just going to post up and go off the block. I was able to get by him and I haven't been finishing great lately, so I wanted to make sure I finished that one, I wanted to score the basket hard and not leave it up to chance."

Parsons on the last time he threw one down like that: "My rookie year. I don't know. A long time ago. Glad I can still do it."

Parsons: "During a timeout coach saw J.J. Hickson in front of me, and was like, 'you gonna let him do that to you?' And I got him on the poster and tapped him on the butt. Wilson got Tyson bad, too, so I guess we're even."

Everything else

Dirk on the strategic off days: "I don't think we're going to do it as much as the Spurs do, to be honest. Denver was a tough one, we got to the city around 3:30 [a.m.] or 4. I think Tyson and Rondo were a little banged up, so we gave them the night off. I was already a step slow with Sac so I think it was just a decision that made sense. I thought the boys did well, we competed all the way to the end."

Tyson Chandler on his rest: "It definitely helps. Legs felt lively. It gave my ankle a chance to feel better. I felt springy out there."

Rick Carlisle on the halfway point: "I don't count the games. I knew there was going to be a lot of, 'Hey, halfway point,' story questions. Whatever. It's just day to day in this league. We've got to build on the positive things we did toinght. The things we struggled with; we were hitting the 'No Smoking' signs with the ball and giving it to the other team -- we can't do that. That's where we've got to be a little more solid.

"Defensively, we're making some gradual gains. It's work, it's work. Tonight on the boards, we were even with them. Having Tyson [Chandler] back out there certainly is a huge factor -- him getting 16 boards. We had other guys who stepped up. Again, I thought Aminu was really a key guy in this game. Even though he didn't shoot the ball great, he got eight points nad five rebounds in limited minutes, and he defended well and he ran well. We're a collection of parts that has got to function well together. Everybody on the roster can bring something of value to the team. Everybody has got to stay ready."

Carlisle: "The important thing was that we got the win. We had a great start. In the first half, I thought we had some uncharacteristically bad turnovers that hurt us. We had a chance to really build a good lead, but they hung around and they made it difficult. It wasn't an easy game. We had a lot of guys who contributed. I thought Aminu tonight was a difference maker on the boards, activity, running, made big free throws during stretches where they were starting to make runs and stuff like that. We did have guys play well. There were some frustrating stretches but everybody played through it. The important thing was that we won a game, which we really needed coming off losing three of four. Happy to win."

Carlisle: "I thought Rondo scampered around there pretty good on Lawson. I thought everybody was. He's such a dangerous guy; he's lethal getting to the rim, he's shooting 3s great in recent games, he gets other guys involved and he hits guys on rolls to the basket. Your pick-and-roll coverage has got to have really tight gaps, otherwise he splits. If you're not close to him, he'll make shots. If you get too close, he'll blow by you. He's really a problem. Rondo, Barea, Harris all did a solid job on Lawson."

Dirk on the team's play (his decision to focus on the defense): "I thought our defense got us going early, jumping on a 10-point lead was good and set a tone for us the whole night. I thought our defense was solid. I think if we keep the ball out of the paint some like we tried with Lawson then we stay even on the rebounds, we hold a team under 90 points, that's a recipe for us to win at home or on the road. I thought we did a good job. I thought we tried to rotate for each other."