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The Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 3: Rajon Rondo as a Maverick and what's up with Dirk?

The MMB pod is back!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We took an extended break but the Moneyball pod is back. Hal Brown joins Bobby and Tim to discuss the Rajon Rondo trade (yeah, it's been a while), recent Maverick struggles and some Dirk Nowitzki's shooting woes.

As always, you can find the pod on iTunes, by RSS or using the embedded player below. The RSS feed is as follows: )

We'll try to get into a consistent schedule of running a pod every couple of weeks and we'll keep bringing in quality guests -- maybe even Kirk Henderson! We'll also try to talk about Whataburger more often, because we failed to mention that in this one. Also also, I swear I'll remember to get a few new intros for our podcast, even though I do love our Greg Smith one. I had one from Jameer Nelson but, well, you know.

Also, we note it in the podcast but this was recorded last Friday so we're a game or two behind, depending on when you listen to this.

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