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5 excellent highlights from Chandler Parsons' Twitter Q&A

As he's done a time or so before, Chandler Parsons talked to the Maverick faithful for a bit on Tuesday afternoon.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As he's done before, the Mavericks' own Chandler Parsons answered a few questions on Twitter this afternoon. Mavs Moneyball is here to help you by running down some highlights.

Such a relief

Oh, the life and times of being single

(Maybe one of these...)

This is in his contract, I'm pretty sure

But really, don't we all?



A photo posted by ChandlerParsons (@chandlerparsons) on

Chandler, come on now. I own that sweater. I also own those jeans. If you want to have a "raid my closet" sesh you just have to ask...we can be fashion besties. I love to shop. We shop with your credit card though....right?

Dallas is never getting over this

*     *     *

For more highlights, including some thoughts on Chipotle and Drake, head on over to Parsons' Twitter timeline.