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Tyson Chandler injury: Chandler returns after leaving game with knee-to-knee collision

It looked bad, so this is fantastic news.

UPDATE 6:58 p.m.: It looked bad, but Chandler's X-rays were negative and he has returned to the game in the fourth quarter. Whew.


Tyson Chandler had to be helped off the floor with an apparent left knee injury in the third quarter of a game against the Pelicans on Sunday and is questionable to return, per Mavs PR.

Five minutes into the third quarter, Anthony Davis stepped through and his right knee collided into the side of Chandler's left. Both players went to the floor, but Chandler struggled to get up and had to be helped off the floor, eventually going back to the locker room.

Chandler is the player the Mavericks can least afford to lose. He's the heart and soul of their massively improved defense, plugging holes and covering up other player's mistakes, and is also having a fantastic offensive season that is flying under the radar.

The Mavs' depth behind him is very limited, with only two true centers: Dwight Powell and Greg Smith. If Chandler were to miss any games, it's likely Dallas would use a lot of smallball lineups that put Dirk Nowitzki or even Al-Farouq Aminu at center.

We will update this post when we know anything else about the injury.