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Quoteboard for Grizzlies 109, Mavericks 90: "It's definitely not a comfortable feeling"

Dallas drops their third straight and are in danger of a four-game losing streak.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On the turnovers: "Poor decision making usually is the reason. I haven't looked at all of them, but it was uncharacteristic. It was our downfall tonight."

On the challenge of the 3-game losing streak: "Right now, our inability to sustain a high level, kind of full capacity level, is our nemesis. We got off to a great start tonight, had great intensity in the game, and then we had a couple turnovers late in the first quarter. We should have come out of that with at least a four to six point lead, but then it was tied. That took some of the air out of us, and then their second unit, they just stepped up and they played great. We struggled. You got to give them a lot of credit. They stepped up their game in a big way and we just were poor tonight."

On continuing to incorporate Rondo into the offense: "This isn't a Rondo thing. This is a team thing. Right now, we've got to circle the wagons and we've got to be able to sustain. We got hit with over 50 points in the last eight seconds of the shot clock against Chicago, over 40 in the last eight seconds of the shot clock against New Orleans and tonight we got hit with 52 in the last eight seconds of the shot clock. That just points to the fact that we've been unable to sustain our defensive posture for whole possessions. That's a problem we've got to solve. These numbers are -- we were talking last year in the playoffs, San Antonio was hitting us for 25 a game and that sounded like a lot. These numbers are the highest I've ever heard or seen. I know that we have the ability to do it, but we've got to eliminate distractions of the officials and what's going on with them, that's been an issue, and we've got to play a solid, basic brand of basketball that plays to our strengths, which is IQ, it's length, it's together, and we didn't have that tonight."

On whether the defense is an effort or execution thing: "It's on all of us. We've got to sustain effort during defensive possessions. It's an important thing in this league to do. How well we did in the first quarter defensively in this game up until the end is an example and the next three quarters, we just couldn't sustain it. That's where we've got to be better. I think it starts mentally and then, you know, we've got to key in and get committed to it, and then we've got to help each other. This is a hard league and right now, it's a hard conference, it's a hard stretch of schedule, and there's no other way."

Tyson Chandler

On the panic level the team has with three straight losses: "I wouldn't say panic. We definitely understand how we have to come in and fix some things, we've got to make some adjustments. First time we've lost three games in a row this season and we're headed into a tough road trip, so these games are very important."

On playing on the knee: "I felt alright. I'm a little sore, but I'm alright."

On what the biggest issues the team has right now: "Honestly, I gotta look at a little bit of the film, but I think that offensively, our spacing and ball movement, defensively we're hugging up too much and not presenting ourselves for help, which is causing too many lanes and gaps."

On the turnovers: "Yeah, I thought we started the game off with the right energy. I thought we came out to play, then we turned the ball over and gave them so many easy buckets that made it tough."

On whether these losses invalidate the big Memphis win: "No, you can't say that, because we know we can play that style of basketball. The thing is, we've just got to be more consistent with it. It's tough having nights like tonight, and the night we had against the Bulls here as well at home. We have to play the style of basketball we played down there [in Memphis] and we'll beat really good teams and take care of teams that we're supposed to beat that way."

On what they need to fix: "We need to, offensively, have an open floor, allow guys to make plays. Defensively, we need to be able to count on each other, and right now, we're not having that."

Chandler Parsons

On losing three straight: "It's definitely not a comfortable feeling. It's not something we've dealt with before as a team but we're a veteran, experienced group and we can't allow this to continue. We got to be better and we've got to stop this streak here. We're not a team to hang our heads and let two games effect us. We'll be alright, we'll watch film and we'll be better."

On the reason for the turnovers: "Just a little bit of everything. Trying to do too much, they're a really good defensive team, they're aggressive, their rotations are really good. We've just got to be more solid with the ball. That's everybody."

On his offense slowing down after the first quarter: "Not sure. Just part of the game. I hit some shots early but just part of the game. Just throughout the flow of the game I'm not going to force shots, I'm not going to bark for the ball. Within our system, it can be anybody. I'm glad just that I got our team off to a fast start but we got to maintain that through the whole game.

On playing Houston again: "It's just another game to me. I'm sure they'll make it a big deal and I'm sure they'll boo me, but it's whatever, man. It's just another game."

Dirk Nowitzki

On the turnovers: "Yes, uh, some bad ones. I thought actually our energy was good in that first quarter, we scored, we got some stops and I felt like we didn't really give ourselves a chance there to increase the lead, to get some momentum going. It felt like we were shooting ourselves in the foot a little bit, just bad turnovers. Memphis is pretty good playing the passing lanes and always hacking and getting hands on balls, but we still got to be better. We had some bad ones. It felt like it kind of sucked the air out of our game tonight a little bit."

On the three straight losses: "It's not a good time, it's not a good time, obviously. Got to keep fighting. It's January. If this were happening right before the playoffs I'd be concerned but we've got plenty of basketball left. We've got to get better, it's obvious. We've got to keep playing together on offense, keep finding our niche with Rondo out there, and defensively, we should be better. We've got some good defenders out there, we've got to work together, we've got to be sharp in our rotations."

On the defense: "We got lit up everywhere. It was inside with Zach, guys got open on 3s. It wasn't great tonight. I thought rebounding was actually decent against a very good front line, but if we let them waltz in here and shoot 53, 54 percent from the field, it's going to be a long night for us."

On adjusting to Rondo: "We've got to keep working, keep finding things that work for us and him. Things don't happen overnight. We had some good quarters, we had some bad ones. I think we're still best if we get steps. If we don't, we're going to walk the ball up, teams are going to lock into us and make it hard on the strong side, keep shrinking the floor. Saying all that, we've got to focus more on defense, let Tyson be a factor in there, get the defensive rebound which is usually always important for us and then get the ball into Rondo's hands and Monta's hands, Parsons is great on the break. That's got to be the way to play."

On struggling to win here at home: "Yeah, not good. The great teams win consistently at home, they're a beast to play at home, and they go out on the round and steal a big game here and there. It's been unfortunate and I don't know why that is. Maybe we have a little more sense of urgency on the round, I don't know why that is, but that might be the only explanation. Sometimes on the road everybody pulls together, pulls through hard times, because it's really us against the world. I guess that's the kind of attitude we've got to have at home as well."

On how this losing streak reflects on that big Memphis win: "Yeah, I mean, that was a good win for us, we just didn't validate it enough. We beat Minnesota, we weren't great that night. Then Chicago came in here on a back-to-back and beat us. New Orleans could have gone either way. Tonight, this team was in a back-to-back again and beat us pretty handily. Things don't look great right now but that's part of the NBA, too. I've been around a long time and there's been some losing streaks where you scratch your head and think you're never going to win another game, that's how bad it looks sometimes. Then you win a couple in a row, and you're like, 'I don't even know how we're supposed to lose.' It's just the emotion and the roller coaster of an NBA season. We've got to keep plugging, keep fighting, keep getting on both sides of the floor. I still think we have the talent, we've just got to pull together and dig deep and pull out of this hole."

On whether the Mavs can fix their issues: "Yeah, we showed glimpses, just overall not consistent enough to win big games so far. We showed in Memphis is we play hard for 48 minutes and play hard and do all the right things, we can be a very dangerous team, but if we're not consistent and we turned the ball over and we get lit up from 3 on the other end, then we can lose to anybody."

On Parsons slowing down on offense: "Yeah, he really set the tone for us and we've got to keep staying aggressive. We know that our offense is a free flowing offense, there might be five or six minutes running up and down where I don't get a shot. That's how our offense works, that's how we want to play. Yeah, sometimes when a guy's hot like that, we've got to do a better job finding him as players. I think early on they lost him on some down picks and later on they were fighting over those picks a little harder and he just wasn't as open."