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Quoteboard for Pistons 108, Mavericks 95: "No excuse for them to hit first"

A listless Dallas squad wasn't good enough to cool off Detroit.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mavericks could never 'get over the hump'

Rick Carlisle: "We made a few runs but we never got enough traction. We got beat in every single quarter -- we were able to tie one quarter. Really, essentially, it was a wipe out. From start to finish they outplayed us. It's no accident that they're on a seven-game winning streak and they're beating some good teams. They're playing at a high level and tonight they were just better."

Chandler Parsons: "We gotta create some energy for ourselves, we've got to do the little things that are going to give us those boosts to come back. It seemed like every time we got them down to six or four [points] we had a lapse or we broke down on defense, or Augustin was hitting a 3 or Monroe was getting a layup. You know, we've got to give them credit. They did a great job continuing to extend the lead but you know, we could have played better as a team."

Carlisle: "The rebounding problem caught up with us tonight in a big way because we turned it over quite a bit and our shotmaking wasn't great. when you can't mitigate a rebounding deficit with those two things in your favor, then it's going to be tough. I give Detroit a lot of credit. We just weren't good enough tonight."

Dirk Nowitzki: "Well, they've been pretty good obviously on both ends of the floor. It still felt like we had a lot of opportunities, some bad turnovers. It felt like we were a step slow on both ends all night long, and we had some shots. We missed a lot of 3s that were quite open and it was just one of those nights were whatever we tried really didn't work. We were a step slow on everything."

Dirk: "We had a tough schedule with the back-to-back, get home at like 3:30 the other night. Probably guys were just laying around yesterday getting some rest. We were just a step slow."

Carlisle: "I thought at the beginning, we just got off to a slow start. We just never had enough of a hit-first disposition. We made runs and we got close a few times, but we could never sustain. They would get more aggressive during those stretches and they'd hold us off. Right now, they're one of the best basket all teams in the NBA just with the way they're playing together and how hard and the kind of energy they're playing with. You've got to admire what they're doing. Right now, we've got a little practice time, and we've got to get back to doing things better ourselves."

Parsons: "The whole idea and goal was to get home court advantage in the playoffs and right now, we're playing not at our best basketball at home. It's still early but we can't afford games like this, especially with the conference and how good it is. We need wins like this and we let one slip away. We can't let them beat us twice, we can't hang our heads when we go and play the Clippers [on Saturday]."

Detroit has won seven straight games!?

Parsons: "That's a team that's playing confident and they're obviously rolling right now. They're playing unselfish, they're playing for one another and with them playing last night and coming down to the wire with San Antonio, there's no reason or excuse for them to come out and play harder than us, and to hit first like coach said. There was nothing really that they did that we couldn't control. We just didn't compete as hard as we could all night and allowed them to control the game."

Dirk: "I feel like they play with just one big. They start with two bigs then they spread the floor like Stan [Van Gundy] used to do in Orlando when they had Dwight rolling down the middle, and spread the floor with Ryan Anderson. Now they're doing much of the same with Drummond and Monroe as the big setting a screen and the other guys are just ready to shoot out there. It's a tough lineup to guard but I still think we had enough chances. We had them down to four there, we took a shot, it didn't go in, we didn't get back right, didn't get under on a 3 and Augustin hit those two 3s. That was tough. Next thing you know it was a 10 point game."

Parsons: "Night and day. It's all confidence. They obviously always had the talent, same coach, same plays, same system. They're playing free and they're playing confident right now."

Parsons: "Their pick-and-roll was killing us. Every time they'd get in the paint and we'd have J.J. on Drummond, or a small trying to block out one of their bigs, or one of our bigs going for a blocked shot because one of our wings or guards allowed the ball get into the paint. It wasn't one person, it was everybody and we've all got to be better."

Stan Van Gundy droppin' some wisdom

Van Gundy: "I thought in the first half, quite honestly, I thought we got lucky. They missed some great open looks. I thought our defense in the second half was much better. They are very difficult to stop and they still had some shots they could have made but I thought our defense was a lot better. Then Greg and D.J. just carried our offense and we made some 3s again."

Van Gundy: "He played great last night and all you guys were ready to kill me if we had lost last night, for taking him out of the game, which probably I would have deserved. But one of the things I really liked tonight is we finished with almost an entirely different group than we finished with last night. At one point with 4:40 to go I turned to my assistants on the bench, I said, 'Do we want any subs?' And I had Brandon [Jennings] and Andre [Drummond] standing up going, 'Hell no!' You know this group is rocking.So that's what we've got right now attitude wise, it's different people every night and nobody seems very concerned about it, they just want to try and win games."

Everything else

Carlisle on the 3-point shooting struggles: "We had some good looks and I thought a couple of them probably weren't great, but again, I haven't looked at all that so I can't give you a definitive, accurate answer. But we got to turn it over less, we got to move it more, and defensively we've got to scramble more and better. We just didn't do it well enough tonight."

Carlisle on whether being on the road is good for the team since they've struggled at home: "I think each game is just a new entity and every night is one night to compete at a high level. You're in a full arena. These are opportunities. You've got to jump on them and we didn't do that tonight, and that's disappointing."

Carlisle on the energy levels: "We just didn't compete well enough. I'm not going to make an excuse. We've been winning and -- I don't even want to get into that stuff. If we're a team that's trying to be a great team, our competitive edge has to be there all the time. I've got to look at the film first before I tell you that we didn't really compete but I just know that Detroit competed at a very high level. We didn't match it."

Dirk on what can fix the rebounding: "We just all got to get in there and help Tyson out. Tyson's been a stud all year on both sides of the board, and everybody else got to get in there, get a couple, box some guys out, get a tip, something."

Dirk on changing point guards: "Yeah, better than I thought it would. I thought the first couple of outings were ugly to be honest with you. Since then we've been together, I think Rondo knows his teammates a little better, where we like the ball. We understand his passes a little better. I think he understands the offense a little better. Tonight was an ugly night, some bad turnovers and the shot making wasn't there."