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Artist's attempt at a Mavericks rebrand falls flat

Graphic Artist Addison Foote dropped some pretty sweet "modern" concept logos for NBA teams. Dallas is not one of the good ones.

Every once in a while one of the internet's many talented designers will release some concept art reimagining the logos or uniforms of this sports league or the other. Addison Foote has put out some interesting takes on the NBA. These are intended as modern reimaginings, but some are more modern than others.

His take on the Mavs logo looks like a mash between the old M with a hat logo and the current font the New England Patriots use.

Addison Foote Mavs rebrand

Here was the artists rationale:

I used both old and new Mavs logos as inspiration for this. I based it mainly off the old logo where the "M" is wearing a cowboy hat. I updated it a bit and used negative space to showcase a horses ears and head.

Personally, it just feels sort of uninspired, especially as compared to some of the other logos he knocked out of the park (check out the Rockets, Pellies, and Suns especially). Maybe we should all just accept that while "Mavericks" and "Mavs" sound really great, they don't make for particularly good branding or logos. I'm all for bringing the green back though.