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A twerking Chandler Parsons joins the 'SHAME' lady from Game of Thrones

SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. [cowbell sound]

The Mavericks like doing ridiculous things on Media Day (most teams do) and it makes sense that Chandler Parsons would be right there at the front of it. That's where this uncomfortably hilarious video of him twerking with a cowbell came from when he threw it on Instagram yesterday.

More media day fun! #snl #morecowbell #makeitstop

A video posted by ChandlerParsons (@chandlerparsons) on

That's good -- but WAIT. There's more. Reddit user JustMattWasTaken edited into something even better.

Previously in Game of Thrones 'Shame' content

(h/t @KikeGarciaL)