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The Mavericks probably aren't going to sign Larry Sanders

Sanders is reportedly interested in signing with a Western Conference team, but Dallas is seeming less and less likely.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon, Gery Woelfel -- a Bucks beat writer -- reported that Larry Sanders was in talks to sign with a Western Conference team. Sanders stoked the flames tweeting this a few hours later.

Sanders isn't in Dallas to talk about restarting his professional career, though, but in Houston likely for a vacation. He sent a Snapchat with his plane ticket stub that was shared on Reddit's NBA subreddit.

While the Mavericks do have interest in Sanders, his trip to Texas has nothing to do with them, according to a league source. Dallas has had interest in Sanders for more than a year, but right now, there are no immediate talks happening between the two sides.

Dallas does need a starting center -- they have three players who are better off as backups -- but Sanders is a bizarre case. He essentially quit on the Milwaukee Bucks because he decided he wasn't interested in playing basketball anymore. They rebounded without him, with the two teams reaching a buyout a few months ago, and Sanders' name has mostly been floated aimlessly on message boards since then while he gives no indication of wanting to play basketball again.

If Sanders is serious about getting back into the league, though, you'd think the Mavericks would entertain the idea. Sanders was one of the NBA's best defenders just a few short years ago and right now, they're looking at starting Samuel Dalembert or Zaza Pachulia.

But right now, I'm told it's only a "maybe," and a long one at that with no current discussion going on between the two sides.

This post has been updated with sourced information. It was originally posted at 6:13 p.m.