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Jeremy Evans is the latest Mavericks reclamation project

The former Slam Dunk champion has a chance to be the next Brandan Wright and Al-Farouq Aminu.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Evans has career averages of 3.7 points, 2.7 rebounds and shoots 57 percent from the floor.

Sounds like the kind of guy the Dallas Mavericks are looking for, eh? It worked for Brandan Wright and Al-Farouq Aminu. After shipping Wright to Boston for Dallas legend Rajon Rondo and letting Aminu sign with the Portland Trail Blazers less than an hour into free agency, the Mavericks seem confident that they can mold Evans into a daily difference maker of a similar caliber.

The former Slam Dunk champion (if that even counts, because that slam dunk contest was abysmal) has the hops to be the next Wright or Aminu coming off the pick-and-roll and putting players on posters. And as the Mavericks begin this transition of getting younger, Evans may be one of the key pieces to making this happen.

What is expected of Evans this year?

Honestly? Not much. Evans is not expected to be a big-time contributor for the Mavericks this year. Who knows? If he can step in and be that guy for Dallas that can catch lobs and play efficient defense, he'll find a role at the small and power forward spots before long.

Out of all the projects Dallas has had, Evans may be the most raw. He didn't take many jumpers with the Utah Jazz, so don't expect many chances for him from outside 10 feet.

What is the best-case scenario for Evans?

He finds a role and gets about 15 minutes per game. Evans averaged a career-high 18.3 minutes per game two seasons ago. That year, he averaged career-highs in points (6.1) and rebounds (4.7). If he could provide that for the Mavericks, that's going to be a big boost to their question-filled bench.

Another best-case scenario is he becomes Dallas' best bench player, and that may not be a good thing for the Mavericks. But if that is the case, then that'll get Evans more minutes which will get him more opportunities and more chances to make an impact.

What's the worst-case scenario for Evans?

Evans never sees the floor and becomes the most athletic journeyman this side of Jamario Moon. That's really all it boils down to. Evans finds himself in a great position. The Mavericks let Richard Jefferson back out of his contract after the whole DeAndre Jordan debacle, which opened the door for Dallas to find a backup to Chandler Parsons once he's fully healthy.

Another worst-case scenario? Evans doesn't make the final roster. He's been disappointing, but had his best effort game on Tuesday against the Oklahoma City Thunder, grabbing eight rebounds. He hasn't been involved in many chances around the basket, but Evans being a great rebounder may help is cause as final cuts near.

What is Jeremy Evans' greatest dunk ever?

That's a great question. This is the answer

I have a strong feeling that when the Mavericks made the decision to sign Evans to a multi-year deal, this is all the front office had to see.

There's much to like about this play. First, THE MAN REJECTS A RONNY TURIAF JUMP SHOT LIKE IT WAS AT THE RIM. That is insanely athletic. Second, he hustles for the loose ball, doesn't slow down, launches from outside the box and destroys Turiaf's soul. Third, it's against the Los Angeles Clippers, so DeAndre sucks.

If the Mavs can get THIS Jeremy Evans each game, Dallas will be fine and fans will fall in love.