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Tyson Chandler on Mavericks: 'I saw the bulls--- they put out' in free agency

Chandler is still upset with the way the Mavericks treated him, and deservedly so.

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[Chandler talked more about the situation prior to Wednesday's game here]

After the second time being spurned by the Mavericks, it's no wonder Tyson Chandler was a little pissed. In fact, it's been nearly four months since the Mavericks decidedly to pursue DeAndre Jordan first instead of him and he's still pissed.

"I saw the bull---- they put out," Chandler told Arizona Central's Paul Coro on Tuesday. "It's just bull----. Just saving face. It was what it was. It was clear. The whole process was going on while I was basically still in the jersey."

In just one instance, at Dirk's Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game with Chandler 30 feet away, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant openly auditioned for Jordan to come to Dallas. We noted the awkwardness at the time.

Now, with the Jordan fiasco in the rearview mirror and Chandler firmly planted with the Phoenix Suns, he's showing no sympathy towards a franchise which he helped bring a championship to.

"I definitely felt like, after winning a championship and help bring it there, that I was going to be there for the long run," Chandler told Coro. "I never heard of a championship team being broken up like that. When they traded for me to come back, I sat at the podium with everybody else and heard them say this was going to be a long-term deal and they weren't going to make the same mistake as last time and blah-blah-blah. Seven months later, the same thing happens again. But I learned in this business that you can't trust everybody. That's why it is what it is."

Earlier this offseason, Chandler said he never believed Jordan would join Dallas. Turns out he was right, and he has every reason to be bitter about it.

At morning shootaround on Wednesday, Rick Carlisle shared his belief that Chandler's number should be retired in Dallas for what he did for the franchise in two seasons.

"My opinion is he's worthy and more than worthy, based on history and just because he's such a special person on top of it," he said.

But nothing can take back the Mavericks' decisions to let go of the best center in franchise history twice. And whatever Chandler says about Dallas now, they know he's right.