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3 things we learned from the Mavs' 103-102 loss to the Bulls

This was a loss, but there was a whole ton of promise in this game.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Okay I have a confession to make: I am super overreacting to this game. I AM HYPE! That said, I'm pretty disappointed that I didn't get to talk about a win. 0-7 doesn't look great, but there is a lot to like from this preseason.

This was the first time we saw what will probably be 4 of the Mavs' 5 starters playing together. And let me tell you, the Deron Williams-Wes Matthews backcourt is going to be straight fire. And John Jenkins may very well be a worthwhile offensive bench piece. He very nearly put the bench on his back right at the end of the game, hitting a gorgeous corner three to take a 102-101 lead with 5 seconds left. Unfortunately, Doug McDermott ruined everything, but Jenkins really does look like he can be a reliable bench weapon this season. I feel good about the start of this season, in case you were wondering. I don't care if that is an odd reaction to a winless preseason.

So what did we learn from the final preseason game:

Deron Williams still knows how to play basketball

Deron looked good tonight. He only played in the first half, but he just looked really really solid. He made some excellent passes and ran the offense with ease. He seems to have some really good pick and roll chemistry with Zaza Pachulia in particular. I really really like what I saw from him tonight.

His defense was okay. But despite the fact that this was the first time we saw him, he looked really comfortable in the offense. He looks like he might be the perfect point guard for Rick Carlisle, orchestrating things well, driving to the basket often, and making good decisions. Hell, he's even got a good post-up game. Deron Williams has a lot of potential. Ignore what the haters in Brooklyn will tell you.

Dwight Powell has been quietly pretty solid

I'm not sure about the final stats, but Powell finished the 3rd quarter with 14 points and 10 rebounds. I've had a lot of debate with some really smart people about how good Powell is, but I honestly believe he can add something to this team. He is really raw, but he is working his ass off. He needs to improve on his touch and his defense, but he has been gritty as hell this preseason. Dude just works his ass off. And I love it.

The future is bright

The Mavs might actually be pretty good this year. It's just one preseason game, but the starters look pretty good. And that's without Chandler Parsons, who will probably be this team's best player. Deron and Wes look amazing together. I got sad in the second half when I didn't get to see them anymore.

I'm serious though. I earnestly believe the future is bright. Deron-Wes-Chandler will be an amazingly talented perimeter group. Dirk should be set for a low-pressure old man renaissance with that group. Honestly, if the team can get anything out of JaVale McGee, this is an honest to goodness dark horse team. And don't overlook what guys like Zaza, Devin, and JJ can contribute in the right roles.

Zero wins in the preseason ain't great. Let's be honest about that. But there is good reason to be hopeful. The NBA season is about to begin, and everyone is doubting your Mavs. I think they might actually be good, so let's just see, yeah? LET'S GET HYPE Y'ALL!