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Rick Carlisle, Mavericks in 'advanced' talks for 5-year contract extension

The coach who brought the Mavericks a championship in 2011 was in the final year of his contract.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks and head coach Rick Carlisle are in "advanced negotiations" for a five-year contract extension that would keep him in Dallas through 2021, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

Carlisle, who is entering the final year of his second four-year contract with the Mavericks, is the third-longest tenured head coach in the NBA, behind Gregg Popovich and Eric Spoelstra. Carlisle brought the championship trophy to Dallas in 2011 and in generally regarded as one of the very best coaches in the league.

If Dallas can finalize this deal, it's a fantastic move to keep a person who's one of the most important in the entire organization. For several years, the Mavericks have been asking Carlisle to do so much for the team, making you think that a roster with a bit of continuity would perhaps let him be even better.

Certainly, the Mavericks have always been interested in Carlisle, with Donnie Nelson calling him "our Jerry Sloan" at exit interviews last season. Given that there had already been some rumors that Carlisle might be ready to move on if the Mavericks went into a rebuilding mode, this news is even better.