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The hottest new rap banger is 'Dirk Nowitzki' by Migos

Free Offset!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's not every day that the Dallas Mavericks find themselves at the center of the cultural spotlight. With players such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony in the league, the Mavs' roster is easy to overlook. However, Migos, the Atlanta based trio, just dropped a banger titled "Dirk Nowitzki" conveniently timed with the start of the season.

To add to the fun, Young Dolph joins Quavo and Takeoff on the track. As you may be aware, the third member of Migos, Offset, is currently behind bars. Hitting them with the beat is legendary producer Zaytoven.

So, why are they talking about Nowitzki? If you're familiar with Migos, you know that they cleverly mix in sports culture references alongside those of trap culture. "Sippin' on Texas. Dirk Nowitzki," the song's hook, is a metaphor for lean. They fill you in on their lyrical gamesmanship, if you didn't get the reference: the first time they say the line by saying "lean" after it. Might as well be clear about the reference, right? The allusion to lean is the result of Nowitzki's signature step-back, or leaning, jump shot. By now, I've probably taken all the fun out of the song. Sorry.

This isn't the first time Nowitzki has been mentioned in a rap song, though. Meek Mill has made a reference to his shooting prowess before in Let Dem Guns Blam with Wacka Flocka Flame. Offset has mentioned him in Slam Dunk. And, perhaps most notoriously, Nowitzki was mentioned in Lil B's Kevin Durant diss track.

While the Mavericks aren't getting a lot of national love as the season begins, it's nice to know that Migos still fucks with Dirk.