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A complete history of the Mavericks' success in season openers

The Mavs have generally played well in these games.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Const / Contributing Writer (@danspeak_)

At last, the NBA season starts today! I've been dying over here waiting for this moment, sifting through the internet trying to find any sort of basketball article that I can get my hands on to ease the pain, alas -- let the floodgates open of basketball chatter as we get underway.

For something different, I went back through the Mavericks history and looked at every opening season game in the hope that I would find some magic bean that could give Dirk and company an edge on how to win. Unfortunately nothing like that eventuated, but I was treated to an array of great performances and felt that it was necessary to share some of the top ones in no particular order.

Here's some basic stats of how the Mavericks' season openers have shook out over the years: they're 20-15 in the 35 games, with 20 of them coming at home (12-8) and 15 being on the road (8-7). Their biggest win was a 26-point victory against the Jazz in 1986 and their biggest loss was a 41-point thrashing at the hands of San Antonio in 1991. The most points scored in a season opener? Jim Jackson with 37 points against the Nets in 1994.

In no particular order, here's a few games that stood out.


Mavericks at Spurs, 103-97 win

With a season under his belt, Jason Kidd comes in feeling confident after being awarded Rookie of the Year (tied with Grant  Hill) and fills the box score with 27 points, nine rebounds and assists in the first game after the NBA's first ever lockout period.


Mavericks vs. Pistons, 94-87 win

After a shaky start, the Mavs storm home in the second half where Michael Finley top scores with 34 points and six rebounds.


Mavericks vs. Kings, 107-98 win

Dirk Nowitzki top all scorers with 33 points, 10 rebounds and six assists in 43 minutes.


Mavericks vs Bobcats, 101-86 win

The first game of the championship season has Dirk Nowitzki scoring 28 points, nabbing 13 rebounds and shooting 11-of-13 with Jason Kidd dishing out 18 dimes. What a great year.


Mavericks vs. Nets, 112-103 win

This is the beginning of the Jason Kidd in Dallas era as he debuts with 10 points and 11 assists, giving us a taste of what is to come in an illustrious career for him. Jim Jackson scores 37 points as the Mavs beat down the Nets.


Mavericks  at Grizzlies, 119-108 win

Steve Nash leads the Mavs with 24 points and 13 rebounds as they start their 14-game win streak to begin the year. If you're a gamer, play as this team on NBA 2k16.


Mavericks vs. Bucks, 97-93 win

Michael Finley fills the box score with 26 points, nine rebounds and eight assists. This was the start of a really dominant season by the Mavs as Dirk and Nash really started to develop together.


Mavericks vs. Hawks, 118-109 win

A lot of people -- myself included -- were so unsure about our offseason signing of this guy, but Monta Ellis makes his Mavs debut and tops all scorers with 32 points and eight assists, showing us that he really does have it all.


Mavericks at Suns, 111-108 win (2OT)

We know how this season ends but the year started with Dirk Nowitzki leading the Mavs in a double OT thriller with 28 points and 15 rebounds.


Mavericks vs. Spurs, 103-92 win

One of the biggest moments in Mavericks franchise history, the game that started it all. Winford Boynes leads the Mavs in their first regular season game in History with 21 points in an upset of the Spurs. Who knows what our lives would be like if Don & Norm didn't get this team together.