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Mavericks have hot takes on Drake vs. Meek Mill, hot dog sandwich debate

At media day, we asked Mavericks about some dumb things. They loved it.

You need to understand something about Mavericks Media Day. Players go station to station, doing super serious interviews with television stations or sitting still for minutes at a time as NBA 2K maps their face for their most recent game. Media day gets hyped up because of the pictures and pull quotes, but they're actually the equivalent to the syllabus day at the beginning of a new semester.

Here at Mavs Moneyball we're concerned with one thing above all: fun. So we asked a handful of players the truly tough questions that the rest of the media is afraid to address.The hot dog, and its controversial standing as a sandwich, is a pivotal question facing today's society. I think these interviews will help us inch closer to a consensus.

I never predicted Devin Harris being the guy who got into this question the most, but here we are. Hopefully you enjoy this as much as they did.

I (Tim) asked the questions and filmed the video. Austin Ngaruiya edited the video and did a fantastic job, so let's give a huge shoutout to him.