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Oddsmakers predict fewer than 40 wins for Mavericks this season

The over/under gambling line in Las Vegas has been set and it's very low, all things considered.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks' over/under win total has been set at 37.5 by Bovada for the upcoming 2015-16 NBA season.

While skepticism is understandable as the Mavericks may start the year with two of their most important starters sitting out with injuries, that total still seems off by several games. Even in their most recent down year in 2012-13, Dallas still managed 41 wins despite injury problems. Rick Carlisle is a genius good for several wins himself.

There are clearly scenarios involving the Mavericks finishing with 37 wins or fewer, most involving the injury situations worsening and impacting the season throughout the year. Without catastrophic injuries and reasonable return dates for Parsons and Matthews, though, I'd be hard pressed to see this team finish below 40 wins.

The Utah Jazz are listed at 40.5 and the Phoenix Suns came in at 36.5, one win below the Mavericks. It's possible that the oddsmakers see the top of the Western Conference being so devastating that the trickle down effect will hurt all the teams in the conference outside the top six. That's definitely something worth taking into consideration when considering how successful the Mavericks will be this season.

Still, if you're a gambling man at all, perhaps consider throwing down $20 on the Mavericks this year. It might just be worth it.