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Please enjoy these DONALD TRUMP-inspired Mavericks hats

We had some fun with the Washington Post Trump hat generator.

Back in late July, TIME created this terrific Donald Trump insult generator which prompted me to create every single DeAndre Jordan insult from the presidential candidate imaginable.

We may have found one better than the insult generator. The folks at The Washington Post are an intelligent group of people. They have created a Donald Trump hat generator, which gave us at Mavs Moneyball a grand time for the last couple of hours. You can make your own hats by clicking here.

For your amusement and laughs, we have these hats for you. If they were real, we would buy them all even if they weren't fitted caps.


Short, sweet and simple. Someone has to do it. A rallying cry from Trump would be the best thing for the Mavs right about now.

Yup. No more needs to be said.

This is the hat we shall all wear when Devin Harris takes his first 2-for-1 of the new season.

SPEAKING OF WHICH. One downside here is that punctuation is not allowed with these hats, which makes it ridiculously funny for some reason.

Our beloved motto at MMB: Dirk and Taylor Swift would make more hats like this and wear them more often.

General consensus from Mavs fans everywhere this year.

Donald Trump has taken his official stance on a topic that even the Mavericks can't decide on

We have no idea what this has to do with the Mavs, but tell me you don't see Trump wearing a hat like this while giving a speech in Dallas about jalapeno bacon macaroni and cheese. Exactly.

Nothing but sad faces all around.

Forever and ever, amen.