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GAME THREAD: Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets

Ugh, not these guys again.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

WHO: Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets

WHAT: Do we have to?

WHERE: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

WHEN: 7:00 p.m. CT

HOW: NBA League Pass (not televised locally in Dallas)

THE STORY: Perhaps you recall a certain playoffs series last year in which the Dallas Mavericks pluckily won a game after being unburdened of the weight of a certain point guard who shan't be named. (/points finger toward Sacramento.) I have tried very hard to forget that series, for blog-related reasons most of you commenters will probably remember.

Fortunately, it's still preseason, so this one doesn't count, and will give the Mavs an early chance to check out their in-state rivals. Like last night, don't expect much if anything from the starters or any of the key guys -- the Mavs are still very much in roster evaluation/injury recovery/oh god please can we wrap Dirk in bubble wrap forever mode.

(Minor side note, we'll be trying to police the comments in case a repeat of last year happens; feel free to help out by flagging things and not responding to anyone who's trolling. I'll be missing most of the game but will get to things as soon as I get home if someone else can't sooner.)

Let's go preseason Mavs!