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Chandler Parsons to make season debut against Lakers

He's back after knee surgery that caused him to miss most of the first round series.

Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Chandler Parsons will make his season debut Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers, about six months after undergoing hybrid microfracture surgery in May. Although the Mavericks and Parsons both said his goal was to return by the season opener, the Mavericks will happily settle with just two games missed in the early goings.

Like Wesley Matthews, who is also returning from an Achilles tear last year, Parsons will have a minutes restriction early on. Rick Carlisle said he would likely only play the first half against the Lakers on Friday.

Matthews sat out of the Mavericks' second game of the year, a back to back, and Dallas could be limited in similar situations for the first month of the season. Certainly, the schedule itself in November has done them no favors.

This season is a huge opportunity for Parsons, who the Mavericks will assign increased offensive responsibility with the departure of Monta Ellis. While Parsons doesn't necessarily need to average more points, they do want to see more playmaking and ball handling in general. Last season, in limited opportunities, Parsons was one of the most efficient pick-and-roll operators in the entire NBA.