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Mark Cuban on DeAndre Jordan: 'If you f*** with me I f*** with you back'

The Mavs' outspoken owner had some words for the center who scorned Dallas last summer.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, you bet Mark Cuban wanted to talk before the Mavericks' showdown with the Los Angeles Clippers -- and more importantly, with DeAndre Jordan, who we all know scorned Dallas this summer. At one point, after a lull of silence in his pre-game availability, Cuban asked, "Is that all you have for me?," incredulous that we didn't have more questions for him.

"Maybe someday, someone will introduce me," Cuban jested about DeAndre Jordan, saying he "didn't know his name -- and you can tell him that."

But hey, it's just what Cuban does, he says. "I'm just having fun with it," he said, laughing. "If you fuck with me I fuck with you back. That's just my nature."

Cuban joked that he's probably not going to boo DeAndre Jordan because it's "hard from where I'm sitting" but he's step on him, Randy Macho Man Savage style, if he fell in front of him.

Cuban also called Chris Broussard an "idiot" before reconsidering. "My sources say he's an idiot," Cuban said proudly. Broussard had sourced reporting that Cuban vehemently denied over the summer.

Jordan didn't have pre-game availability. Doc Rivers did and predictably was over it.

Thoughts, Cubes?