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Sorry, NBA. The Mavericks are a professional dodgeball team now

It was inevitable this summer as we began to see how Mark Cuban was constructing the team. Going after pure athletes like Jeremy Evans and Justin Anderson while nabbing crafty Zaza Pachulia should have tipped us off. When Cuban picked up Deron Williams, though removed from his prime, it was very clear what his long term plans were ...

The Mavericks were going to become a professional dodgeball team. And now it's officially happened.

DODGEBALL!!!! #Repost @mr.shedd ・・・ Awesome... All that can be said #youcandodgeawrenchyoucandodgeaball

A video posted by Dallas Mavericks (@dallasmavs) on

OK, OK, so the Mavericks are probably just practicing because Deron Williams hosts a dodgeball charity event every year, but I think they'd kill it at dodgeball. Also, let's appreciate Dirk, who hides a ball and nails the hell outta J.J. Barea (I think) before anyone's even got to the center line. Such a crafty veteran move. Also maybe illegal but let's not go there.

Let's win the NDA championship this year.