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Kelly Olynyk misses a 1-foot fadeaway so Dirk shows him how it's done

Dirk Nowitzki's one-footed fadeaway is one of the biggest trends in the NBA over the past few years. And honestly, it's a great shot if you can pull it off, so it's not really a huge surprise.

... but to do it with Dirk on the floor? That's, like, sacrilegious or something. AND YOU BETTER NOT MISS IT. YES, TALKING TO YOU, KELLY OLYNYK.

Ah, OK, Dirk gave him a half hug afterwards, so I guess things are all cool. Doesn't mean he's not gonna show the youngster Olynyk how it's done the next possession.

EDIT: Yo and Dirk calls this dude out! Too legit. Dirk forever.