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Mavericks need to be 'more edgy' after third-straight home loss

The Mavs know they need to play with more aggression after getting down big to the Wizards.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Rick Carlisle

On falling behind to Washington after 2 days rest and the Wizards playing a back-to-back

"They played better than us. They're relatively young and they have a lot of skilled guys out there. We allowed them to get into an unbelievable shot-making grove. It's a one-point game at halftime, which is manageable. The third quarter was what did us in. I blame myself. We need these guys better prepared to play and we're just not where we need to be."

On how to better prepare the team

"Got to keep grinding away. We need to find ways to put us in stronger positions, get us more edgy, from an approach attitude at the start of games. It's not easy, this league is not easy. This is a difficult period we're going through."

On his concern with the way the team is trending after a third-straight home loss

"I'm always concerned. I'm concerned when we're winning. In coaching, you have to find reasons to be concerned. You have to find things that need to be improved. That's one of the real challenges of it. Above all, what we need to learn from this is that we're a team that undeniably needs each other. I think we need each other to get more juiced up to play here. We can help each other get better shots, we can help each other defend better. That kind of chemistry is going to be paramount to our success."

Wesley Matthews

On his concern with the way the team is trending after a third-straight home loss

"It's not something we can't correct. That fourth quarter is what we have to do and we know it's in us. Credit to them, Otto Porter Jr. came out and he was making shots. We were in our scheme, but we didn't do it as well as we needed to. We didn't execute as well as we needed to defensively and they made us pay for it. We need to have that fourth quarter mentality.

Describing the fourth quarter mentality

"Leaving everything on the court. Coming to the bench because you gave it everything you had and you're exhausted. I'm not saying guys aren't working hard by any means. I know we're working hard, but we need to work hard and get results. We got to get it done. Everybody is out here working hard. Both teams are working hard. It has to get done and we're capable of doing it. We've done it."

Raymond Felton
On his triple double and he's doing for the Mavs

"Anything and everything I can. I really don't even care about that triple double to be honest with you. We really needed this win tonight. Wish we could've got it. Just trying to do everything I can to help this team win. It's frustrating."

On what the team needs to do better

"I think everything, man. We got to figure out a way to play 48 minutes of hard intensity, the way were playing the last six minutes of the fourth quarter. We've got to find a way to do that the whole game. All of us."

On what happened when the Wizards built their lead in the third quarter

"No excuses. We didn't play aggressive enough and they were hitting shots. Porter was hitting everything he put up. John [Wall] was getting into the lane, making plays, getting shots himself. Those guys got hot. ... Once they get things going they get their confidence going and the basket is like an ocean. Tonight, that's what it was."

On his concern with the way the team is trending after a third-straight home loss

"There's no pressure. You want to play better at home than you do on the road and right now we're playing better on the road and that's unfortunate. We hate that for ourselves and for our fans. We definitely want to perform well in front of our home squad, our home team. We'll figure it out."

Chandler Parsons
On how the team can play more edgy

"Individually and collectively, we have to play more aggressive. We gotta play harder. We gotta not worry about the offensive end. Not worry about out own individual shots. Not worry about any of that stuff, just compete. Leave it all out there, especially on the defensive end. Offensively, just be solid, limit our turnovers, and keep taking open shots. They've got to start falling sooner or later."

On the Wizard's offense

"They hit some tough shots but we threw a lot at them. A smaller lineup presents a lot of challenges for a team. We threw a little zone at them, tried to switch, tried to blitz the ball. Not much worked. We've got to go after it harder. Whatever coverage it is, we have to do it as hard as we can, to the best of our ability. You have to give them credit. Porter had a career night. John made huge shots down the stretch. We did a good job battling and gave ourselves a chance there but it's tough when you get down that much."

Dirk Nowitzki
On whether there needs to be a mentality change

"Yeah, I guess. We've got to play with more force from the beginning. LIke I've said the entire year, that starting five we've got is not an energetic, athletic group. We gotta make it happen by playing smart, playing with force, playing together on both ends. That's the only way I see it. "

On the way Washington defended him

"They played a small lineup and obviously to try and scramble the game up. They drive, they undercut you. They were smart. I had a pretty good game against them in Washington. ... They were determined to come tonight. They came from the low side, and got the ball out of my hands most of the time, and did a good job. I didn't have rhythm, only got a few shots in the first half. In the second half I tried to force some and I didn't have rhythm."

On the last shot

"I think it looked right on line. But I wasn't quite sure. What I was hoping was, the way it felt, that it might hit the front rim barely and bounce up. I knew it was going to be a little short. You know, if we had a little bit more time, I saw Wall just run away from J.J. [Barea] and kind of came to contest the shot. But I wasn't sure if I had the time since I dribbled and stepped back and almost fumbled the ball a little bit. I wasn't sure if I had enough time to swing it and get a shot up. J.J. was open but it was better for me to get a shot up somehow than let the time run out. That's why I shot the sort of step-back. And like I said, it was right on line, I was just hoping it would graze the front rim and go in. It was just a little too short."