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No Rajon Rondo, but smaller trades could help the Mavericks

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There's no blockbusters that make much sense, we don't think, but a few smaller moves could give this team added depth.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA trade season is finally here. Hooray!

On Dec. 15 -- that's today -- almost every player who signed this offseason can finally be moved via trade. There's a few exceptions here and there, like Tristan Thompson, who can't be moved until Jan. 21 due to signing during the preseason and needing to wait three months. But this Tuesday is generally when the NBA acknowledges "trade season" beginning for real. Over the next two months, until the deadline in February, rumors fly more frequently.

Who can the Mavericks finally move?

The starting backcourt of Deron Williams and Wesley Matthews can now hit the market. It's almost certain that, given the success of this season, the Mavericks are looking to deal either one of them, although Williams and his friendly contract could net a nice asset or two. As good as the marriage of Williams and the Mavericks has been, though, we're beginning to hope it lasts longer than just one season.

Rick Carlisle's favorite bench duo of Charlie Villanueva and J.J. Barea are also eligible to be moved. CV's minimum deal won't net much for the Mavs. As for JJB, as much as I'd love to see the Mavs part with him, that just seems unlikely to happen as he appears to be a front office favorite. John Jenkins, Jeremy Evans, and Salah Mejri are also now trade eligible.

There's no doubt Mark Cuban and the Mavs have already tested the market. It's what they do. It's unlikely the Mavs can or will pull off a big trade. Dirk Nowitzki is untouchable. Chandler Parsons still isn't himself and Matthews has yet to regain full form after Achilles surgery. And especially after the disaster that was Rajon Rondo last season, it's unlikely Dallas will mess with a blockbuster deal.

What does this team need?

Not another point guard, obviously! If this team makes a move, it should be to add a small piece or two. Who wants Barea!?

Seriously though, with Parsons still not 100 percent and Justin Anderson at the end of the rotation, Matthews is the Mavs' biggest wing option behind Parsons. We all know Carlisle doesn't mind playing small -- after all, he threw out five guards against DeMarcus Cousins. But in the West, length on the perimeter is needed. See: Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gay, Andrew Wiggins.

Along with length on the perimeter, this team drastically needs some shooting. Devin Harris, Barea and Evans aren't dangerous 3-point shooters. While it's great that Nowitzki (40.7 percent) and Williams (37.1 percent) lead the team from behind the arc, these two are usually the team's top playmakers, creating opportunities for others to knock down shots rather than being on the receiving end. Matthews (35.2 percent), Parsons (33.3 percent) and Felton (30.4 percent) round out the top five. When a team's fifth-best shooter is barely over 30 percent, that's clearly a bad sign.

Also, the team could really use another big. Dwight Powell has been a GREAT surprise, but he alone isn't enough. While Zaza Pachulia is competing with Dirk and Williams for best bargain piece, he needs help behind him. The Mavericks still think there's a chance it could be JaVale McGee, but he's been earning DNP-CDs lately and if they've given up on that experiment, maybe a trade is in order. Villanueva shouldn't have to be a key part of the rotation. A big man that can move, finish inside and block shots would be a great counter to Pachulia. Someone like Brandan Wright. If only he was still a Maverick!

Who may be out there?

We're still only in December, so this is strictly speculation, but there may be a few decent pieces out there for the Mavs to target.

If the Memphis Grizzlies decide to tear down the roster -- the rumor is head coach Dave Joerger is on the verge of being fired -- the Mavericks would be smart to look to work out a deal. Wright, Courtney Lee, Matt Barnes, and even Vince Carter make sense. Wright gives the team what it is sorely lacking at the center spot, and the wings add shooting and size. More importantly, all four have small salaries that could work with the Mavs' current roster construct.

Kevin Martin, if the Minnesota Timberwolves are looking to move him, would be my ideal target. He isn't having a great season in Minnesota, but he is shooting over 35 percent from three. Gerald Henderson could be a quietly nice acquisition. He has a small role with the rebuilding Portland Trail Blazers. He's also shooting a career-high 39.3 percent from three, though he's taken only 38 attempts to this point.

Overall, though, it's still early and just about every team outside of the 76ers are still vying for the playoffs. Once the trade deadline nears, we'll have a better feel for which teams are buying and selling, and who's on the market.

Either way, this Mavericks team has some holes to fill if they're attempting to take another step to competing this year. The Mavs don't have much to offer, but doesn't mean they can't try to make things happen on the trade front.