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3 things from Mavs loss to the Pacers

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Once again Dallas went cold and lost handily on the road

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks have only had a pair of winning streaks so far this season, a six-gamer and back to back wins earlier this month.  After getting a nice win against the Suns on Monday, the Mavs reverted back to Hyde-form and lost badly Wednesday against the Indiana Pacers.  Raymond Felton led Dallas with 16 points, and that is the end of the list of nice things I have to say.


Shooting can be a hard thing to maintain game-to-game, but the Dallas Mavericks make it look impossible.  Another putrid line: 36.7% from the field, 24.2% from behind the three-point line.  Defensive issues or not, it's simply hard to win when you can't convert open looks.  The starting backcourt combined to go 1-8 from deep and 5-20 overall.  It may not have made up all the difference tonight, but the Dallas perimeter depth was severely weakened after Devin Harris left in the first quarter with a hamstring injury(he was the only Mav in positive plus/minus at +4), with John Jenkins already out after being concussed during practice.


With 13 points, Dirk Nowitzki is now exactly 50 shy of passing Shaquille O'Neal for sixth on the NBA's all time scoring list.  Dirk went 6-16 from the floor and missed several pretty open shots(including a stretch where he was left open three possessions in a row and couldn't hit).  He's now recorded 13, 13, 14 and 13 points in his last four games, which is worrisome when you consider this is around the time he cratered last season, falling "in a hole" as he put it in interviews a few weeks ago.  Dirk has played more minutes to this point than I believe the coaching staff wanted him to, so if there is a silver lining to this loss it's that Nowitzki only logged 26 minutes.


With the game out of reach, we got to see some extra game action from Justin Anderson, Jeremy Evans and Javale McGee.  Not a lot of positive to report here, though, as Anderson missed all 5 shots (3 threes) in six minutes, and Evans recorded all zeroes in the stat-sheet in the same six minutes.  McGee had some flashes, with 4 points and 7 rebounds in 11 minutes, getting some extra time after Dwight Powell had to sit with foul trouble.

Well, that stunk.  Dallas faces Memphis on Friday in a division showdown with playoff seeding implications and perhaps a chance to further sink the reeling Grizzlies, who have been the subject of some loud blowup rumors the last week or so.