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Michael Jordan and the Bulls cruise to victory over the Mavericks 20 years ago

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The teams weren't even close to evenly matched when the Mavericks played the Bulls on this day back in 1995.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This season, the Golden State Warriors are drawing a lot of comparisons to the Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls. Specifically, the 1995-96 team that posted a record of 72-10 during the regular season on its way to a championship. Well, did you know that on this date, December 19, those Bulls hosted the Dallas Mavericks? I didn't ether until a SportsCenter tweet told me that it happened.

So, the Mavs lost. That sucks. But they really weren't very good back then. Like, at all. Coming into the game, the team was 7-15. Tony Dumas led Dallas in scoring, coming off the bench with 24 points. Jim Jackson scored 19 and George McCloud had 18, including 4-6 from downtown.

Looking at the box score, the thing that stands out most is that the Bulls only took six, SIX, 3-pointers the entire game! And they only made two of them. Yet, they still scored 114 points. That's insane. DeMarcus Cousins will launch six 3s in a game these days.

There might be a lot of comparisons between these Bulls and today's Warriors but the comparisons can only go so far. Stylistically, they are day and night.