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Deron Williams questioned whether he 'wanted to play basketball' before joining Mavericks

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Williams had a tough, tough time in Brooklyn, something he opened up about to Yahoo.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams' time with the Brooklyn Nets left him so frustrated that he wasn't sure if he still wanted to play basketball, he told Yahoo Sports.

"It took a lot out of me, man, those three years. Some of the hardest in my life," Williams told Yahoo Sports. "Made me question if I even wanted to play basketball when I was done with that contract."

Williams struggled with injuries and a system that fit him poorly. Brooklyn, a franchise that now has one of the worst situations in the NBA with bloated salaries and cap space tied up on over-the-hill veterans, wasn't good to Williams, who has been noticeably more upbeat since joining the Dallas Mavericks.

In Dallas, Williams is having fun. It's the little things you'll see from him, like rolling into a "WHAT ARE THOOOSE" meme in the locker room or lobbing a ball at Charlie Villanueva after practice that hits in square in the back. He interrupts media interviews to crack a joke at the expense of the player being interviewed. The chemistry here is tangible.

"It's been great. To be a part of this organization. The team has been great. Being home in Dallas, it's been great for myself and my family. I'm definitely enjoying it," Williams told Yahoo. "I enjoy playing with these guys. It's a great group. It reminds me of my teams in Utah the first couple of years where we like being around each other. We do a lot of stuff off the court together. Like a college atmosphere. It's loose. It's fun. I have the ball in my hands a lot more. I have a better rhythm here. Those things all contribute to better confidence out there."

And as happy as Williams is to be here, the Mavericks are equally glad to see him at the helm.