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Mavericks quoteboard: Stephen Curry is 'probably' better than J.J. Barea

Quotes from the Mavericks' locker room after a huge win against Chicago.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what the Mavericks and Bulls said after a thrilling 118-111 Dallas win on Saturday.

Rick Carlisle

On Mavericks' defense in the second half: "At halftime, we said we've just got to keep concentrating on defending without fouling and rebounding. If we can do that and get it into trasnition, we can get some shots. It's a very diffuclt game. You're talking about a very physical team that's smart, that's veteran, that's well coached -- they just make it hard for you with their legs and their strength. The fact that they played yesterday really helped us. In the fourth quarter, a couple of those shots that were going in earlier weren't going in late. The great thing is we were down six rebounds at the half and we ended up outrebounding them. Our effort on the boards was really, I thought, our difference in the game."

On the impact subbing Parsons early had: "I'm not exactly sure what it did. We were going to play better anyway -- I'm pretty sure of that. With the size factor, we'd given up two offensive rebounds and Mirotic had scored once on a post-up play. I thought we had to look at that lineup because we were successful with it the other night. We had contingency plans. Parsons is ready. He's feeling good; this is the second (game) in a row he's played 35. His all-around game was great. It really was key."

On late defensive stops: "We had to decide what to do with Rose in the mid pick-and-roll. If you trap him, then you turn somebody loose. I thought we were playing him pretty well, but he was hitting shots. We just said we're going to trust it, keep trying to make it just a little bit harder, a little bit harder. He finally missed one or two, which was key. Then a couple of the other shots that had been going in earlier in the game didn't go in. I just thought our guy's collective will carried them in this game. They kept believing, they kept banging away, they kept helping each other. We got great contributions from every position."

On whether he feels Parsons is back to being himself: "No, I don't. I just think the rhythm is going to take some time. I think physically, we're there. I think he's there. But the rhythm on his shot is going to keep coming. I just think two weeks from now you're going to see a guy who's going to look even better than he does now. And he looks damn good right now."

J.J. Barea

On the last time his shooting felt this good: "This summer with the (Puerto Rican) national team. Hopefully it can stay like this. But this summer it felt great. In that tournament, my percentage was over, I think, 55 (percent)."

On starting the game on Mirotic: "We were joking about it -- I knew it would be tough. I think I got a charge early on, the first play, I think the ref just missed it. He made a tough turnaround."

On whether he's better than Stephen Curry: "I don't know. I'd probably say Steph."

Devin Harris

On the offensive execution: "I think it (was how we need to play). Not settling on the first side, really breaking teams down. When we do that, I think we get great looks."

Wesley Matthews

On the offense: "We knew going into it that they're a great defensive team, that we were going to have to work on the offensive end. We weren't going to get it on the first side. We had to keep the ball moving, not (let) it stick, if we had a matchup in the post with Dirk then we were going to go for it, but if not, we were going to keep making it move."

On his connection with Parsons: "We're trying to get there. We're friends, on and off the court, but we haven't played together before and both of us having injuries and different playing times, we weren't really able to form that chemistry through the summer. We're getting used to it."

Dirk Nowitzki

On the late defense: "I thought down the stretch we got some good stops. They kept running high screen and rolls with Rose and Pau and they kept making plays and we finally got two stops in a row there. That five second call was big. Everybody was up, everybody was denying, that was a big play."

On JJB: "He's a really smart pick-and-roll player, always takes his time. If you go over, he's going to penetrate, if you go under, he stepped into his 3s."

Chandler Parsons

"With the delay to start the game, I'm glad everyone was able to get here safe. It did seem like we had more energy to start the game. That's what we needed. This is a really good team that played last night and we understood that they had a big win on Christmas Day so we wanted to capitalize on that and wanted to come out and play with energy and make sure we got this win at home."

Derrick Rose

On why the Bulls lost: "I think I lost the game with that turnover when we were down two points. It was such a critical part of the game and I feel bad. I feel like I lost this game for the team."

Taj Gibson

On whether Rose apologized to the team after the game: "No, we don't really point fingers. Everybody is accountable. We all could have done one or two things better that would have helped us win the game. Derrick is a leader and that's what leaders do, take the blame for tough games, but we are a family. We just came up short."