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Stormtroopers join the Mavericks huddle for Star Wars Night and more

A long time ago (Monday) in a galaxy far far away (the AAC)...

It was Star Wars Night at the American Airlines Center on Monday. Some would say that was the only redeeming quality from a game that saw two starters get injured and the Mavericks lose by double digits. Maybe Star Wars Night was to blame for all of that.

Sadly, the video hasn't been posted yet, but there were still plenty of opportunities for ridiculous photos and vines. Here are some Mandalorians posing for a photo.

Stormtroopers were in the Mavericks' huddle. He looks a little short for a stormtrooper, but the real question is can he play center?

R2D2 made an appearance.

This was the very first thing I saw as I walked into the building, just about.

This stormtrooper knows what's up.


It was also an excuse to make as many Star Wars jokes on Twitter as possible.

If only Admiral Ackbar could have warned the Mavericks about the game itself -- "It's a trap!" Maybe things would have worked out better.