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Quoteboard for Clippers 115, Mavericks 98: "It's hard, but life is hard."

Missing three of their five starters, Dallas falls to Los Angeles.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries to both Monta Ellis and Tyson Chandler early in the game

Rick Carlisle: "We don't have anything yet. We'll let you know. I don't know what happened [on the injury to Ellis]. There's some kind of strain I'm assuming but I don't have details. Other than to say, I think it might be some kind of strain, there's nothing else we can say."

Chandler Parsons: "Obviously it hurt losing two of our main guys and DeAndre (Jordan) played extremely well. He's very active and athletic. Tyson would have been an equalizer on that, but we have other guys who need to step up to the challenge. DeAndre was great all game, but they had a lot of guys make big plays. We shot ourselves in the foot a lot with silly turnovers and bad shots."

Dirk: "Hopefully it's not going to be bad. It's nothing really we can control right now. We don't really expect either to play on Wednesday. We've got to be better with what we've got. We've got to be better defensively. We've got to somehow find ways to have five guys in there rebound. That's what it comes down to."

Carlisle, on not having Tyson to deal with DeAndre Jordan: "It was a problem - the guy had 27 rebounds. He looked like Wilt Chamberlain out there playing in 1963 - really, he did. He played great and we didn't have any good answers. Greg Smith got quick fouls; everybody got quick fouls. He dominated in there and he played a great game."

Doc Rivers: "For us we didn't notice. Obviously that's a big loss for them, but we're going to play the way we play. And we have our guy out, too, so this is not a league to feel sorry for anybody. We all know that. And you don't want anyone to get injured. You really don't. I love when everybody's healthy on all the teams, so it's a tough blow for them."

Devin Harris: "Injuries are part of the game. We hate to lose those two guys but we're definitely a capable team. We definitely have guys who can step up. Charlie showed that tonight. It's hard but life is hard."

How can the team still play decent defense without Tyson and Rondo?

Carlisle: "We've just got to be persistent, we've got to scramble, and we've just got to find a way. That's what it comes down to. We'll see where we are with our injury situation tomorrow. In the meantime, we've got a deep bench. We've got other guys that we have a lot of belief in. We're going to come up with a gameplan to win on Wednesday. That's going to be a hard game. Utah goes in to New Orleans tonight and wins in New Orleans. New Orleans has been playing well. They've got some guys dinged up, too. It's that time of year. You've just got to hang with it. You've got to keep pushing. You've got to push through somehow."

Devin Harris: "We had opportunities. I think the biggest for us was defensively. We scored enough points to win the game, we just couldn't get enough stops. They put us in some tough situations with the smaller group that they had out there and we just couldn't get a feel for it and get enough stops put together to really make a run.

J.J. Barea: "Tyson is everything for us on defense, especially down low and especially against a like Jordan. We definitely missed him tonight. We've just got to forget about this one and get ready for Wednesday."

Parsons: "Everybody has got to step up. Those two guys are our main defenders and they're intense, emotional guys on that end. But we have a lot of veteran guys, a lot of capable defenders that need to step up. We need to get that win going into the break."

Dirk: "We've got to try. We've got to try to rotate for each other and play hard. I don't know what else to tell you. Hopefully, they won't be out too long. We'll see how Rondo does after the All-Star break. Monta, I guess, is getting an MRI tomorrow. With Tyson, hopefully it's just a mild sprain and he'll be back after the break, as well."

Everything else

Rick Carlisle: "I did [Charlie V's game]. I liked his offense, but we felt short defensively all-around. We all struggled. They're a good offensive team, so they make it hard, but we're going to have to do better on Wednesday."

Nowitzki on Devin Harris: "Devin has been a little bit of misfortunate lately. He keeps rolling that ankle. He's toughing it out. Like I always said, at this point, every team in the league is a little banged up. You've just got to grind it out until the break. This is the longest break I can remember. It's a nice break and we can get away a little bit. I think it's pretty obvious that we don't want to sit on a two-game losing streak going into an eight-day break."