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NBA All-Star Game final score: Dirk Nowitzki's dunk breaks the internet; West wins 163-158

Dirk proves once again that he's that dude.

I'll be honest: I did not expect Dirk to do much in this game. I expected he would play a gentleman's couple of minutes, take a shot or three, and then sit on the bench and cheer on his teammates. Kinda like last year.

But then.

But then, Dirk Werner Nowitzki, for a brief moment time, made the world (or at least, the Twitterverse) stand up and take notice. Dirk entered the game with 5:38 left in the first half, after what could fairly be called "The LeBron James and Russell Westbrook Duel of Fates." He grabbed a offensive board, missed a shot, and you know, I kinda thought that would be it, mostly.

I was wrong.


Oh and:


And of course, Twitter (and one of Dirk's former teammates!) had THOUGHTS:

Dirk re-entered the game about halfway through the third, where he collected a couple more boards and had a nice smooth 3-point make:

Dirk would end the game with five rebounds and 5 points in 12 minutes played. His alley-oop dunk, per ESPN Stats & Info, was his first since January 2004 and only his ninth in his career. He also had a rather hilarious plus/minus of -19.

Russell Westbrook was named the MVP, but come on now, we all know who it really is. I mean, Dirk dunked (channeling MJ and Vince Carter in the process), rebounded, got Tim Duncan to smile, caught a ref who tripped, hollered at the Gasol brothers for cheating, hit a 3-pointer and cured world hunger. (Okay maybe that last part isn't true.)

We love you, Dirk. Don't ever change. Congrats on your 13th All-Star appearance being a memorable one.