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Quoteboard for Mavericks 100, Timberwolves 94: "The front court always produces, man"

What was said in the locker room after a Mavs home win.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Al-Farouq Aminu does some excellent basketball things

Rick Carlisle: "He's one of our best rebounders, pound for pound. That's really important and that's what's getting him on the floor first. He's playing a good all-around game of basketball. His energy is important, his athleticism is big because of the rebounding, and he made one or two blocked shots, had a big alley oop in the first half that made the crowd get going, got our bench going. He's another one of those guys on our team that the guys get behind. They really pull for him, they really like the way he works every day. He's really emerged as one of our important guys."

Chandler Parsons: "He's been great. He's so athletic and he's so long and he knows how to use his quickness. He's a great defender, he's blocking shots, he's defending, he's doing all the little things we need him to do. He's not going to force shots, he's not going to take bad shots. He's going to play extremely hard every night and he's just got to keep it up."

Rick Carlisle: "He's a basketball player. He's playing well. He's a defender and an activity guy, he's a guy that's shooting better all the time. He runs and finishes. He's doing a little bit of everything and I think most guys who make the NBA are pretty instinctual about their games. He's playing good. He's helped us."

Al-Farouq Aminu: "It's nice to know your coach is acknowledging what you're doing out there and you've just got to keep grinding."

Dirk Nowitzki: "He's been great. He fell a little bit out of the rotation and really just got another opportunity and made the best of it. He's playing with energy, blocking shots, pumping his chest and just being active. There's always nights where the starting five is a little slow and you need guys that bring energy off the bench. He's been great."

More point guard problems: Devin Harris leaves late

Harris: "I was more concerned earlier than I am now. X-rays came back good. I've just got to wait and see how it responds."

Carlisle: "What I saw was a guy fell on his leg, it looked like [his leg] got twisted. We'll get it checked out and we'll see. Hopefully it's not bad."

Harris on what exactly happened with a 295-pound guy landing on him: "He's a little bit more than that. [laughs] He hit the top of my leg first. I was trying to squeeze my leg out of there and he just kind of caught it at an awkward angle and twisted it up."

Harris: "If I can [play through it], I will. Obviously, if I can't, I can't. Just got to see how it is tomorrow, see how it responds."

Parsons: "They're our floor generals out there so they get us in our offense and get us in our sets. It's difficult, but on a positive side we have a lot of veteran guys who can fill in who played a lot of minutes in the league. Guys like Ray [Felton] and J.J. are all very capable, really good players. Hopefully Devin's OK and hopefully Rondo comes back soon, but if not, [we'll] give another opportunity to a guy who can step up and help us out."

Dirk: "Yeah, that's a good thing. I don't think a lot of teams have four guards, so I guess we're pretty stacked at that position. We're going against tough competition here this week. Hopefully Devin will be OK, it looks like Rondo is going to be out for a while. We'll see how Devin recovers until game time on Wednesday. With Steph and Klay, they're so good at the guard spot, we'll use any guard we can get."

Everything else

Carlisle on how a lack of Rondo effects the defense: "Yeah, we've got to pull together and make up for it together. He's very good on the ball if he wants to be. He can be a pest, he can really pressure guys, he can deny guys. You know, you've got to pick it up as a team and scramble for each other and show more help in the gaps, just crowd the strong side and make teams beat us on the weak side."

Aminu on the 10-0 start to the game: "Just keep doing the same thing. Just trust and believe what we're doing is working, and when you see 10-0, it gives more faith in what you're doing."

Parsons on his return after missing two games: "Yeah, it's always tough to get going and I was a little winded in the beginning of the game, but to be able to get to the hoop and knock down a few was good and my leg felt fine and my stomach felt fine, so everything's pretty much back to normal."

Parsons on the challenge presented by Golden State on Wednesday: "It's huge. You look at our next opponent and they probably have the best point guard in the league right now, so everyone collectively has to chip in. It's not just going to be on our point guards, it's going to be on me, it's going to me on Monta, it's going to be on Al-Farouq, it's going to be on RJ, maybe guard smaller guys at times. Everybody's just got to be ready."

Carlisle on the same thing: "It's going to be hard. It's always hard in the West. We'll see how Harris is doing. Hope he's OK. If he's got to miss some action, the next guy's got to step up. It'll be Barea and Felton. You don't want to be in this predicament but it happens in this league. Guys have got to work and be ready. That's where we are."

Dirk on the game in general: "I thought we had a great first half, and then we didn't really close out the game like we wanted to, kind of gave them some life going into the second half. We knew we had a ballgame on our hands. They had some guys back that were out for a few weeks. They made it hard on us. They made us grind it out in the second half. It was a little too close for comfort for us, but we pulled away late. With no Rondo right now, we'll take any win we can get."

Dirk on whether the front court needs to step up with the guard injuries: "The front court always produces, man."