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Quoteboard for Mavericks 111, Rockets 100: "It's a win we really needed"

Dallas tops Houston for the first time this season.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

Carlisle on the bench: "Bench play was great. We had a lot of guys in double figures, we had three guys off the bench in double figures, eight guys altogether. It's the kind of effort we needed, the kind of balance we needed to beat these guys. It's a hard game. They're watining on us, again, after a rough night last night. Our guys did a great job, built a big lead. Then they made the run and we really had to hold the line and hold up against some pressure, and we did. I'm just really proud of our guys. It's a win we really needed. To get it is very important.

Carlisle on Aminu: "Farouq was tremendous. Lately, he's been one of our best plus/minus guys. He gives us a presence on the boards. You can see his shooting gets better every game, and he takes the challenge defensively. He can guard a lot of different positions. He's playing five now some. He's having a lot of things to process, but he's doing a terrific job. With Parsons' tweaking his ankle and Dirk [having] something happen with his right elbow, he was probably doubtful to return and then they made the big run so he went back in. We really needed Farouq to have a huge game and he did."

Carlisle on Harris: "Devin got it going. He hit a couple of really big shots at the end of the third. He gave us a paint presence driving the ball all night long. He played a terrific all-around game. I don't know what his shooting numbers were, but his aggression was one of the things that set the tone for the game."

Carlisle on bouncing back: "Last night was a poor performance, and our guys knew it. We knew a lot of tonight was going to be about keeping our poise. It's a heated rivalry. They've got some guys that are instigators, and I thought we help up well, kept it together and stayed aggressive."

Carlisle on Aminu adjusting to the 4: "The difference this year is he's playing two positions on a regular basis and it did take him a while to learn both. Look, our offense is completely different than the team he's been with. New Orleans was more of a medium tempo, execution team. We're a free flowing, kind of a 'the fewer play calls the better' team. It's vastly different. It's a different mindset. Not only did he have to learn different systems and two positions, but it's a different style of play. He's one of our hardest workers. I was in here early this morning and he was in here, 10 o'clock, shooting and working on his game. It's great to see a guy like that have success because he's working hard at it."

Carlisle on having guys off the bench who are versatile: "We've got a lot of guys that can play multiple positions. Jefferson's playing 2, 3 and 4. Parsons is playing 3 and 4. Dirk's playing a little bit of 5 now. Farouq's playing 3, 4 and 5 now. It's kind of the way the game is going and you've got to be able to move around, not just play different positions on offense but guard them on defense."

Tyson Chandler

Chandler on Aminu: "I definitely think what Farouq did was major. His activity, not only the defensive end and offensive end. Rebounding. It just seemed like he came up with play after play.

Chandler on Aminu's general activity: "He's going to be huge for us. He's just one of those glue guys who does everything well. He can bring a spark. His length, his timing, he's one of those guys that you're not necessarily going to see as productive on the stat sheet, you did tonight, but every night he's going to give you something great."

Chandler on what makes Aminu successful: "A lot of guys have been like that, athletic with a long wingspan. Quick feet. Good laterally. They seem to cause a lot of problems in this league."

Chandler on how having another solid defender helps him: "It helps. It keeps me out of foul trouble, keeps me on the floor. I've had to be patient this year because I know I have to stay on the floor, so I really can't get into foul trouble and challenge as many shots as I'd want to. Having another guy out there takes pressure off me."

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk on his injury: "I kind of swiped down on James and it kind of hurt a little bit. Did an X-ray and everything was good so I tried to loosen it up and get back out there. We all know if I can't shoot I'm pretty useless out there, so I tried to grind it out and help the team."

Dirk on Aminu: "I mean defensively, he's almost like Trix [Shawn Marion]. He can guard one through five, really. He's probably guarded every position so far. He's long, he's quick enough, he's got unbelievable timing on his shot blocking, he's a great rebounder for his size with his long arms. Just his activity is there. Just stepping into shots when they're there, looking comfortable.

Dirk on Rondo working with Holger: "I feel like Holger can give him confidence in some of his shots. we know this league is a lot about confidence, stepping into your shots when they're there, making free throws is important. But it's hard. Holger's not here all year. He's here for like two week stretches and then he's gone for like a month and a half. I'm not sure if it helped him, you'll have to ask him what he thought of it, you know. He was watching one of my workouts the other day when he was hurt with his face, and I said, 'If you want to work with Holger, now is the time. You're out anyway. You're more than welcome.' And Holger obviously loves challenges in his life so they've been doing it for like the last two weeks. But Holger left today, so there's that."

Dirk on whether there's some routine Rondo can learn that helps him: "It's hard. I've been doing it obviously for 20 years, he's gone for six weeks and I look like I haven't shot with him for forever. Obviously that's when mistakes creep in. But, you know, even if he gives him one quote to think about when he shoots -- get the ball up, the rotation of the ball, how to grab the ball -- even if he has one point to think about that helps him."

Dirk on Cuban's idea of Holger staying in Dallas for longer than two weeks: "Yeah, then we need to get him an apartment now. I can't have him in the house all year long, I'd go nuts. If that's the case then Cuban can pay for an apartment."

Dirk, asked if he doesn't just have another wing of his house to put Holger in: "I do, but I'd still run into him every once in a while. He's [already] stealing one of my cars for two or three weeks straight. [laughs] No, I mean, he obviously has his life in Germany. Sometimes obviously I wish he could be here for long stretches but the important thing is usually during the playoffs he's here for the whole time and he's going to get there, have a good run again, help me out and help them out as well."