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Rick Carlisle's press conference after benching Rajon Rondo in 99-92 win

Here's a quoteboard of what was said by Carlisle and others.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On the heated words exchanged just prior to Rondo's benching: "Well, it's an emotional game and we had a difference of opinion. So there was an exchange and in my mind it was over."

On whether the exchange had to do with play calling: "Uh, I'm not going to get into that. But in my mind, once it was over, it was over."

On whether it was a basketball or disciplinary decision to not go back to Rondo: "Coach's decision. We've talked about these before."

Tim MacMahon's next question is cut off after a couple of words: "Well, I thought it worked out well. The other guys stepped up and we were able to win the game, so."

On whether it was a basketball or disciplinary decision, again: "It was made because I'm the coach and that was the decision that I made at the time. How many other ways do you want me to answer the same question?"

On whether Rondo will be the starting point guard tomorrow: "That's what we brought him here for."

At this point, Carlisle asks if anyone wants to actually ask him about the game and we move on.

On J.J. Barea's play: "I thought Barea's playmaking was great. Shotmaking, playmaking. He had some really good stuff. It was a game that was going to be our game. I thought the defining play of the game was Stoudemire going on the floor for a loose ball and winning the tip. We had a lot of guys scrambling hard and playing hard."

On Tyson Chandler suffering a late injury: "I don't know for sure. It looked like he might have twisted his ankle on the camera man, but I don't know that for sure, so don't write that that's happening for sure. I don't know."

On the 13-point  comeback: "Well, they're playing their fourth in five nights, and they're a little worn down, and we just needed to keep the pressure on him, keep the attack, which we did."

On Aminu: "I thought his activity was great. He didn't have a ton of points, but he was our leading rebounder and defensively he was all over the place."

Everyone else

Dirk:"Sometimes dust-ups can even bring you together. I remember Coach had a dust-up with Jet right before the playoffs in 2011 and that probably was the best thing that happened to us - was Jet was on his best behavior throughout the whole playoffs. Sometimes stuff like that can bring both sides together."

Editor's note: I was not able to attend this game due to a conflict. Carlisle's quotes come courtesy of audio from Bobby Karalla. I apologize for the lack of a complete quoteboard, but we'll be back like usual for Saturday's home game.