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6 point guards the Mavericks could sign with a 10-day contract

If Dallas looks to bring in a player on a 10-day contract, here are some options.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

While there were many good signs for Dallas in their 128-114 loss to Golden State on Thursday, the point guard situation wasn't one of them. There is a strong possibility that Rajon Rondo will not return from facial fractures until after the All-Star Break, and in the mean time, the Mavericks may be looking for some immediately relief in the free agent market.

With Jermaine O'Neal's rehab still in limbo, Dallas has the ability to bring in a player on a 10-day contract and still leave the spot open later on. We'll focus on possible 10-day contract targets, which rules out Nate Robinson and Jordan Farmar, who are both on the market but are unlikely to sign for just 10 days.

Dallas may very well decide they're OK rolling with what they have, especially since Devin Harris' injury scare appears to be a false alarm. However, if they do look in this direction, these are some names that might make sense.

Nate Wolters

After a pretty decent rookie year, he found himself as the odd man out in Milwaukee this season. At 6'4", Wolters offers some needed size at the guard spot. He won't fill up the boxscore but he will play a smart game and take care of the ball.

Seth Curry

The brother of Stephen Curry has yet to carve a path to the NBA but is torching the D-League, averaging 24 points, 4.4 assists, and 4.4 rebounds. He's also shooting a whopping 49% from three. He isn't the playmaker or player his brother is. But if he can be effective from range, his shooting would be a nice weapon alongside Monta Ellis, Chandler Parsons, and Dirk Nowitzki.

Doron Lamb

Was a Mavericks' Summer League invite so the Mavs already know what he can bring. He isn't a true point guard but could probably fill in at the position for short spurts. Like Seth, his shooting is his greatest skill. A career 39.4% shooter from range, Lamb could quietly fill in as a much needed shooter at either guard spot for this team.

Gal Mekel

His strong preseason play could still be lingering in the minds of Mark Cuban and Rick Carlisle. Mekel never lived up to giving up Nick Calathes. But his familiarity with Carlisle and the Mavericks could give him the edge to make a return to the NBA>

Peyton Siva

Play hard, defend, and play smart. That's what Siva brings to the court. He isn't flashy and won't score much - he's averaging just 11 points in the D-League - but he will do the dirty work and look for his teammates.

Mike James

Yes, he's still playing basketball. Plenty going his way for consideration. He's played for Carlisle, he's an NBA veteran, he's a career 37.9% 3-pt shooter, and is currently playing for the Texas Legends. I

If he can replace Darren Collison as the Mavs' starting point guard, how long would it take him to jump Felton in the rotation if he's the choice?


If the Mavs do elect to bring someone in, it's not something that should move the needle. It's unlikely they'll see the court much and won't be in Dallas for very long. But a particularly strong showing from any of these players or someone else could put the pressure on Ricky Ledo, whose role and place in Dallas is a question mark.